Walk Through The Web Wednesday 5/4

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends!
Spring is here! The Human caught Oliver sitting on the chair in the foyer staring at three very plump robins sitting on the railing of the front porch. Now bird watching is always fun but I think Oliver’s interest in these guys has a bit of a nefarious purpose due to the recently implement D-I-E-T.

And how is the diet going? I am handling the reduction in portions just fine. Oliver, not so much.

“You want to know how the dreaded D-I-E-T is going , well let me tell you.”
“The struggle and the deprivation is real!”

“For the love of all that is fair and just, someone toss me a few extra kibble bits, a treat, something!!”
“And that, my furiends, is how the D-I-E-T is going!”

“Hey Oliver, you know those delicious treats The Human said she wasn’t going to order anymore because they’re too fattening? Yeah, not in here.”

“Oh my whiskers, all this caterwauling about food! I’m just going to rest on The Human’s shoulder until Oliver settled into this idea of the D-I-E-T.”

And there you have it, I think I’m safe in saying it will be a while before Oliver is on board!

Let’s check out this week’s news.

Cat’s meeting with newborn will make you saw awwwwwwww.

I just love seeing human kittens and feline kittens interacting. This one is just too sweet!

Cat Jumps Onto Her Dad’s Shoulders For Bike Rides

This little fellow loves to sit on his human’s shoulders (kind of like Lily laying across our Human’s shoulders).

Cats need sunscreen when outside

Meowza! Did you know that white or pale colored cats are at additional risk of getting skin cancer? Sarah Elliot from the Central Veterinary Office for Cats Protection warns that white and pale-colored cats don’t have a pigment called melanin in their skin, which is what protects humans from sunlight. The risk of irreparable damage over time, by the sun’s ultraviolet rays can increase the risk of developing skin damage and cancer.

‘Cats with unpigmented noses or ears are also much more susceptible to sun damage and require additional sun protection.’

Sunscreen is helpful but before you slap that gooey stuff on us, be sure to check with your vet first because we felines are very sensitive.  If you do let us outdoors for brief periods, make sure there are places of shade for us to get away from the heat and for heaven’s sake, make sure we have access to clean water. Also you can set up a cool place for us to rest outside by wrapping a bottle in a towel and placing it near the outside place we like to sleep.

There is an excellent article about caring for us sun loving kitties and also includes tips of ingredients not to have in any sunscreen you might use on us.

If you’re a feline fashionista and not opposed to wearing hats, you might want to give that a try.

Cat rolls down the stairs this way at least five times a day

Posy, or Roly Posy as she’s known on Instagram makes a definite entrance when she uses the stairs in her house.

Welsh Siamese cat found hundreds of miles away in Essex Garage


Here’s one of those “cat travels far away from home with happy ending” story that I like so much.

Ashley, a two-year-old Siamese, escaped through an open window of her home in Glan Conwy, Wales on 15 April and was discovered six days later in a garage of the Monk family in Essex, England by their dog Bobby who scratched and cried and insisted that the Monk family follow him and see what was in the garage.

When the family saw Ashley, they contacted a local group that helps reunite pets with their humans.  The cat was scanned, microchip information was found and Ashley’s family in Wales received the happy call that Ashley had been found.

Ashley’s humans surmised that she made a break for it when the house cleaners left the bathroom window open. Ashley had a 15 foot jump from that window to the ground.

Ashley’s owner said that the entire village of 4,000 people were out looking for her, but couldn’t find her. They thought they’d never see her again.

Just how Ashley made her way from Wales to England remains a mystery although some have promoted the theory that she’d gotten into someone’s car.

Thank goodness this is another happy ending for a story about a wandering feline.

19 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 5/4

  1. We enjoyed all the stories – especially the “lonh lost” kitty getting home. We’re sure the kitty who rolls downstaris did it the first time and then had to make it look like “I meant to do that!”
    Oliver, we feel your pain. How can your human stand those pitiful looks you are giviing her ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s tough here and somehow The Human has been able to ignore my sad face and plaintive cries. It’s gotten so bad I have to nip her in the arm if she dares to clean the litter box before doling out our pitiful amount of kibble.
      Purrs & Head Bonk,


  2. Diets are no fun at all, but we want you guys around for a long time, so please hang in there! We especially loved the video of Jules and Olivia — we watched it a bunch of times. 🙂 And that is amazing about Ashley — we are glad she is back home after that incredible journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Trying to avoid food is very hard, but honestly, Oliver, if you don’t think about it, you’ll do just fine.
    It’s not like you can open the refrigerator and take stuff out, like we humans can, especially when The Hubby isn’t home and can’t see what I’m doing…
    Our Celestial Angel had white-fur tipped ears, and we were careful about her sunshine access. She had the softest bunny fur, and man oh man, I miss her.
    Ashley, the cat, probably hitched a ride on a delivery truck, but there is no place like home, and kudos to the townsfolk who helped!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Poor kitties on rationed noms…

    II loved all toose sweet and cute videos…and the kitty rolling down the stairs had me LOL’iing! Liike sje was doing a se;lf massage.

    I used to worry about our dog, whho had a lot of white, and he wanted to bake himself in the sun, too.

    Glad Miss Meezer Ashley got home safely!

    Liked by 1 person

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