Walk Through the Web, Wed. 1/11/17

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hi Folks,
I’ve finally returned to my weekly Wednesday purrrrusings of the web for all things feline. I did enjoy my holiday hiatus but it’s good to get back to work. So without further ado, here are my picks for the week!
Your Friend,

The Midwife Cat 

orange and white cat massages goat giving birthIf you read my mewsings, you know that I love to talk about cats with jobs, especially unusual jobs and this cat’s job is unusual, believe me.  Pretty Boy aka #979 Operation Fancy Free  cat rescue, out of Jackson County WV, TNR program) lives in Virginia  and can be seen in a video, massaging and comforting Copper, the goat who was giving birth.
I’m wondering if Copper the goat is going to name Pretty Boy as Godfather to the new arrivals.

Detective Cat is on the Job

cartoon police cat
My human is in the process of writing a mystery story that features two felines (one, I am proud to say is modeled after me). Needless to say, when I saw this article about a cat who got a suspect busted, I let my human know. This cat helped “rat out” a suspect. Way to go Officer Feline


A REAL Cat Burglar

orange cat gets locked in banik
While I’m talking about felines and the law, there’s an interesting story about a true cat burglar. Seems this feline got himself locked inside a British bank overnight. I must say, if I were gong to be a cat burglar, I’d get myself locked into a dairy or a tuna factory, I certainly wouldn’t sit at the door so everyone could make fun of me on Twitter!




TRAKZ – A Feline and Canine Version of Fitbit 

TRAKZ a fitbit gps for cats and dogsNow if you’re concerned that your feline may have criminal tendencies like the British cat burglar, you may want to check out this item that has GPS to track your furry friend and track their whereabouts and how much they are eating. Our 16-pound, food loving Alpha Tucker was horrified when he heard about the Trakz and threatened my with severe bodily harm if I let the humans know about it.


Cats Giving Blood

cat in a nurse costume next to a give blood sign
I have never heard of cats giving blood but they do. Evidently there is a high demand for feline transfusions in Western Australia and Murdoch University’s animal hospital has set up a community blood donor program where cats can donate between three to five times per year. While I admire this noble act on the part of Australian felines, I think I’ll take a pass…but then again if I could save another feline life by doing it, I would have to consider it.



Cats in Hats

a ginger cat wearing a hat made from his own hairAnd now for something a little silly…cats in hats.  Evidently some humans have waaaayyyy to much time on their hands and this seems to be the case for Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki, who makes hats ,,,,,from the hair his cats shed. I must say I am still trying to figure out if this is a legit feline fashion statement or a dismal failure, I’ll let you make up your own minds.