Walk Through The Web Wednesday 7/21

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends!
This is a great Wednesday as we got some rain! Meowza does that make a difference! Aside from the precipitation, there’s not a lot new in our neck of the woods.

I have been taking on a new role (in addition to the many roles I have) as morning advisor to The Human. I have noticed for quite a while that she could use some assistance in getting ready in the morning. This feline has so much on his plate but I am the kind of guy who sees a need and steps in. So far, The Human is not expressing the amount of gratitude for this sacrifice of my time that she should, but I’m sure she will come around soon.

Lily heard there was some rain coming and she insisted on going on the upstairs deck with The Human to watch for the clouds and enjoy that nice “rainy” smell in the air.

“Get ready folks, the rain is coming!”:

The Human purchased a nice floofy bed for us and as soon as it was delivered and she put it on one of the levels of the cat condo, Oliver took it over. I think we can safely say Oliver approves. As for Lily and I, we haven’t been able to get near it yet.

Well, enough about us, let’s check in on other felines in this week’s news report. ‘Hope your week is filled with showers (if you need them) and floofy beds.

The best U.S. cities to be a cat

The #3 city is the closest one to our neck of the woods so con-catulations Salt Lake City! OneVet  rated all these cities on many different things such as the number of veterinarians, pet friendly rentals, number of cat adoptions and more. Who was #1? Miami with Orlando at number 2 (‘seems like Florida really loves felines!)

If your humans are thinking about moving, I’d have them check out this site because not only are there ratings for the best cities for felines, there are ratings for the worst states for felines (New Y ork, I hiss in your direction and my condolences to my feline furiends in the Big Apple) as well as cities with the most cat adoptions, cat café’s and more.

I also found out that the OneVet company is interesting as it offers protection for humans against unexpected vet bills and get this, a single subscription covers up to 6 pets! Meowza, I’m sending The Human over to check it out!

Cats Protection Pawsome Afternoon Teas returns

Siamese Cat and human having a tea party
Photo from our feature, “Navi’s Tea Party”

I love how our furiends across the pond love felines and this event shows their love and support of cats in a very British kind of way with cakes, biscuits and of course, tea as cat lovers across the U.K. host afternoon teas to raise money for Cats Protection.

This year the tea events take place during the month of August and there are many ways to purrticipate such as holding a tea party at home, a bake sale for your office, or an outdoor picnic.

You can find inspurration with the online tutorials Cats Protection has provided for things such as Purrfect Pawprint Cupcakes, Cat Face Biscuits, Cat Face Cupcakes

Cats Protection uses the money from these teas to help so many cats. For instance 20 Pounds (a little over $27.00 U.S.) will feed four cats at a shelter for 25 days and fifty pounds sterling (a little over $68.00 U.S.) will provide eight kittens with milk for 14 days.

I’m encouraging all our British furiends to go online and sign up and America, we need to get something like this going too!

Surfing cat raises awareness for mental health

Now my regular readers shouldn’t be surprised to hear about a surfing cat. I’ve featured all kinds of adventure cats in my Wednesday news features but that doesn’t make Maverick any less cool.

Maverick started his surfing career when his human put him on a surfboard in the pool when he was just a kitten and that’s when his adventures began. Maverick skateboards, paddleboards in addition to surfing.

Maverick has been featured in People and has nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram. Recently, he starred in an episode of “Cat People,” a Netflix series that showcases the unique bonds humans have with their pets.

And if you think Maverick is just a selfish adventure seeker, think again. He works with his humans to spread awareness about mental health.

His humans say, “We’re trying to open up a dialogue and let Maverick be on the forefront and also allow people to realize that having an emotional support animal or therapy animal enhances your life and adds so much.”

Mav’s motto is “trying to smash the perception cats have to stay home.” This feline agrees and I (and the rest of The Tribe) enjoy putting on our harnesses and going for a stroll with our Human.  

Pixel the cat is an online celebrity

Pixel is a l2-year old Cornish Rex with a distinctive grin, slightly protruding eyes and some fancyt fangs that give him a very special look. Pixel’s human, Alyson Kalhagen, says the feline has a goofy personality to go with his funny facial expressions. He loves hanging out with his family and insists on being in on anything that’s going on, whether it’s movie watching or playing fetch.

And lest you think Pixel is reluctant in front of the camera, think again. His human says he loves to model.

And, social media being what it is (full of critics and naysayers), Pixel gets some less than flattering email, some even accuse him of being a demon in a cat’s body. I say some of you humans just need to keep your opinions to yourselves! I think Pixel is the cat’s meow!

Vote for Alberto

Furiends, I am not usually a self-promoter but this time it’s for a good cause.

I just entered the  Second Annual Rescue Brew Beer Spokescat contest. (Oh, they are also having a Spokesdog too but that’s not important). Who can enter? The rules allow rescue cats (and dogs) from all over the country. You enter on the Charleston Animal Societies website. Nominations are July 15-August 15 with a $10.00 entry donation which goes to the Charleston Animal Society.

Voting will be August 16 until September 17. Three finalist cats (and dogs) will be voted on and local celebrity judges will make the final decision with one winning cat (and one dog) appearing on the labels of the 2021 Rescue Brew Beer. The six finalists cats (and dogs) will receive a $100.00 gift certificate for pet supplies from the pet supply store at the Charleston Animal Society and a “Mega Pupcake” from Cupcake DownSouth.

The grand prize winning cat (and dog) will be announced on October 16.

And why is this Northwest feline entering this contest in Charleston, SC?  My human nephew, Burke Fahling, is a member of the Charleston Battery soccer team and, since I’m a fan (note the bandana, although I was forced to sport a dog bandana since the team isn’t enlightened enough to offer cat products). I figured my connection with the team might get all the beer loving soccer fans to vote and that would result in more donations for the shelter.

I’m asking my furiends to mark your calendar for August 16-September 17 and please vote for your furiend Alberto and help the Charleston Animal Society..