The Tribe Opines About Planning For Your Feline’s Healthy Future With Scruffy Paws

Before we tell you the story about our experience with Scruffy Paws Hip and Joint Vitalize, we must turn this portion of our blog post over to our legal department.for a brief disclaimer.

This is a sponsored post by Scruffy Paws. As a happy customer of Scruffy Paws, we were contacted to write a sponsored post from our (and the Female Human’s) experiences with the product. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on our purrsonal views and experience with the product.

Alberto Opines

Some of you may remember our Angel Jasmine’s review of the Scruffy Paws Kidney Vitalize Chews. The Female Human can’t ever sing the praises of this product enough. The chews, along with Sub Q fluids and a kidney diet kept Jasmine’s last few years much healthier. When Jasmine was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism the end came soon, not from her kidneys but from her heart. Losing two Tribe members in the last six months, Jasmine and her brother Tucker, at the age of 17 sent the Human on a quest to find out how to take care of us early enough in our lives to keep us healthier and happier longer. Scruffy Paws is a company that allows her to do this.

I want to be able to climb and snoopervise forever!

Our recent wellness exams brought the reality of the poundage my brother Oliver and I possess (18.3 for me, 19.8 for Oliver) home. Concerned that size as well as age can be factors in our ability to be mobile and agile, she went to the Scruffy Paws website and saw Scruffy Paws Hip n’ Joint Vitalize. I don’t know about my other feline furiends but I want to be able to easily hop on the kitchen counter.on top of the kitchen cabinet and all the tall shelves in our house for as long as possible!

Oliver Opines

While I am less than pleased that my brother feels the need to share my weight with the world, I will say that I lost a half a pound since my last wellness visit. But still, I think our Human has a point when she decided to care for my health early and not wait until I’m a creaky little old man cat! I too enjoy jumping on counters, especially when food activities are taking place.

Someone has to snoopervise when The Human is cooking!

I am very happy that Scruffy Paws Hip n’ Joint Vitalize is the purrfect product for us. What does it do and how does it work?. Well, it keeps our joints flexible and pain free because of the natural ingredients it contains, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid and taurine. Now that’s all well and good but anyone who knows felines knows that we are not the easiest creatures to convince when it comes to taking supplements. If I don’t like something (like a purrticular breakfast offering for instance) I will give my Human a look as though she just murdered my family, I’ll stare at the food bowl with derision and scratch my paw next to the offending dish to show my distain. The final act of this Kabuki theater is me, tail held high, walking away. I don’t have the opportunity to do this though as Hip n’ Joint Vitalize comes in a bottle with a handy dropper. The Human has figured out it’s easier to give us each our dose from the dropper and we don’t mind the taste at all.

You can also add it into wet food if you are not a particularly persnickety feline when it comes to what’s being served by the staff.

I like the idea that The Human is taking preventative measures to keep us healthy, it’s never too early to start and at five years of age, Alberto and I are young enough for these preventative measures to put us on the road for a long and healthy life.

Just because we are still fairly yung, doesn’t mean that we can’t have hip and joint problems and, as we have a tendency to hide when we don’t feel well you humans may miss the signs of hip and joint problems. It’s not just us “pleasingly plump” cats who may develop hip and joint problems, even the skinny ones like Lily can develop these issue, but I’ll let Lily tell you her own story.

Lily Opines

I'm eyeing the butter but I've decided to be a good cat.

I’m a pretty petite little thing, weighing in at only 8.27 pounds but I am a few years older than Oliver and Alberto (8 years). My lightness has always helped me sail up on counter tops, dining tables, the backs of chairs, actually anywhere I want to go. Lately though, I’ve found I’m not so nimble as I used to be. It takes me longer to size up the jump and there are those few times when I stop in mid-try because I just don’t think I’m going to be able to make it.

The Scruffy Paws Hip n’ Joint Vitalize is just the ticket for me. The Human has seen the most dramatic change in me since I started talking the supplement. Lately, I’ve hardly ever have to abort a flying leap up onto the counter, bookcase or anywhere else. And feeling better has made me more confident so when those two hooligan brothers decide to chase me, I just turn around and give them a whacky paw rather than running away and hiding.

I’m happy that our Human is looking for how she can help us live long, happy, healthy lives. She’s even had DNA done which helps inform her of potential health problems we may encounter in the future.

A note from The Human

I am passionate about providing my fur kids the best quality of life and the longest lives I can. Caring for Tucker and Jasmine taught me so much, particularly in the last few years of their lives. We don’t have to play “catch up” or wait for our elderly felines to exhibit some of the diseases that age brings. We can be their health advocates and care for them with an eye to prevention as with the products from Scruffy Paws Nutrition. I still ask myself how much more time could I have had with Jasmine had I found the kidney treats sooner. If I had known about hyperthyroidism could I have dealt with that in a preventative manner? There are no answers to those questions but there is something I can do do and that is to invest in preventative care before the diseases and conditions manifest themselves.

We can’t keep our fur kids with us forever but I believe we can keep them with us for a long time and I want to make that time as happy and healthy for them as possible.

Jasmine’s Journey


This was me about 10 years ago.

Hello Furiends, Jasmine here. I am the shyest and least vocal member of the Tribe of Five (at least on this blog, not so much at home) but since it’s National Take Your Cat to The Vet Day, I wanted to share my story.

Last summer I was losing weight and not feeling well. It was time for my yearly wellness exam so The Female Human bundled me into the carrier and  took me to the place of white coats. After  they stabbed me and poked me and gave me a very thorough once over, they announced that I had kidney disease.


This is me at the place of white coats, not my favorite place!

The Female Human was beside herself, especially when she was told that to keep me in good health I would need Sub Q fluids every other day and a strict kidney diet.

You may think, “How could that cute kitten have kidney disease?” but don’t let my youthful appearance fool you. I am actually 16 years old  (as is my brother Tucker) and we older kitties often have kidney problems.

The day The Female Human went to learn how to give me fluids she was a mess and couldn’t see what they were trying to show her because she was crying so hard. The folks in the white coats were so nice and told her story after story about how many of their feline patients lived for many years on this regime.  She finally pulled herself together enough to listen and learn and I crossed my paws and prayed she knew what she was doing.

I was also put on a strict renal support diet. My favorite is the Royal Canin Renal Support morsels in gravy-yum! You don’t have to take my word for it, ask the rest of the Tribe why they always try to steal my food when it’s breakfast and dinner time!


This is me, last week. Looking pretty good for an old lady if I do say so myself!

It took us a while to figure out how to manage this kidney issue thing and I did have one setback early on but The Female Human and I have it down now. I am feeling great, am almost at my young, fighting weight and love to play with my toys and the red dot machine. I wanted to share a few points with my readers who are dealing with this or will be dealing with this.





Jasmine’s Take Your Cat to the Vet Day Tips

1-Always take your felines for wellness exams, no matter how much we howl and hiss, it’s worth it and catches many issues before they become too serious (and we do apurreciate it, even if we don’t act like it).

Fluids2-No matter how you feel about giving your fur kids fluids, I’d ask you to consider it. Although I hate being grabbed for this little exercise every other day it beats the heck out of being shoved in the carrier and put into the noisy metal machine. Then I’d have to wait at the place of white coats and finally be put on that metal table to have a stranger stick a needle in me.   I would much rather have The Female Human stick the needle in me (but don’t tell her I said that)

3-Don’t be afraid of giving us the fluids. You only put the needle under the skin and no matter how much we protest, it doesn’t really hurt. And, if your human needs a refresher there are some great videos online or a trip to the white coat place (without the feline, of course) can always help the human brush up on her technique.


Me on a fluid day, feeling rather feisty after my Scruffy Paws treat and giving The Female Human stink eye.

4-Make sure you keep us on a renal diet. If you find something new for renal issues, you might want to discuss it with your vet. I am now receiving Scruffy Paws Kidney Revitalize Chews twice a day. The Female Human had her doubts as I am very finicky but boy do they taste good. They seem to be helping because  I feel more energetic and my fur is looking so nice!




So my furiends, why not celebrate Take Your Cat to The Vet Day by taking your feline fur kids for a wellness exam?

Purrs & Head Bonks,