Tucker the Fearless

tuckerthefearlessHello Friends, Furry and Otherwise,

Tucker here, Well, I spent an interesting weekend at the place with the white coats. Without going into all the details (as it’s a bit embarrassing) I was suffering from a severe and serious episode of constipation.

My purpose in writing this is not to tell you about my ailment but to brag about how fearless I was there.

Granted, I did sing the “song of my people” all the way to the place with the white coats but I noticed something immediately when I was inside. This was a new place and there was no bad, medicine smell.

I sat in my carrier quietly waiting for the next chapter of my indignity when I was taken into a room. This room had no scary smells, the man in the white coat was very kind and I wasn’t frightened, just nervous. I even felt comfortable enough to sit (albeit warily) and see what was going to happen.

Even when they took me for a blood test and to the machine that took a picture machine of my insides, I was fearless. (Not saying I liked it, but I was no scardey-cat!)

I had to stay overnight where I suffered some indignities (but the female human explained it was all to make me better) and I have to say, it was the best stay at the place of the white coats I’ve ever had.

And the most miraculous thing of all, not one of the other Tribe of Five hissed at me when I returned home! That has never happened.

The female human was talking to the lady in the white coat when she picked me up and it sounds like every animal that visits this place can be fearless. My female human is going to be writing more about this when she takes Alberto and Oliver in for their wellness exam (well Alberto and Oliver will dictate and our purrsonal assistant will type it up for us We’d do it ourselves but the lack of opposable thumbs puts a definite kink in our blogging!)

Stay tuned for more about being fearless.
Your friend,





Note from Tucker’s female human:
Our veterinary clinic Pend Oreille Veterinary Service has recently completed their new facility and it is an amazing place. Designed by a veterinary architect, this clinic is designed with one purpose, to offer the best care for our furry and feathered kids and to make them all fearless. Oliver and Alberto will be telling you more after their fearless visit.