Walk Through The Web Wednesday 12/16

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,

I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods and your humans are putting lots of gifts under the tree for you (if your tree is still standing, that is).

We had some holiday fun when we purrticipated in the Basepaws Secret Santa event. Our new furiend Poppy lives with her human Ami, younger sister Violet and (as Poppy described her) grouchy Aunt Rose. Poppy is a Dwelf Sphinx, Violet is an Elf Sphynx and Aunt Rose is Peterbald. The best part of Poppy’s story is that her human Ami is allergic to cats but she can lives with these three felines without allergy problems!
Poppy has great taste in gifts and I loved what she sent. Oliver and Lily were a little miffed that they didn’t get Secret Santa gifts so The Human has promised to sign us all up for Secret Santas next Christmas!

I no sooner got the gifts out of the box and Oliver had to show up to check out what I got.

There was one toy that The Human had to explain to me and when she did I was a bit shocked.

Being the resourceful kitty I am, I told Lily (who is always more curious and not as lazy as I am) to come over and help meowt.

Did I mention what a resourceful feline I am? I finally figured out that if I could paw the toy over, the treats would drop out and I can help myself.

Thanks again to Poppy and her human Ami and now let’s look at this week’s feline news.

Santa cats spread Christmas cheer in Seoul

The Catgarden Café in Seoul, Korea is the place where you can cuddle about 130 festive felines and now, these kitties in their Santa Suits are spreading cheer throughout the city.

Park Seo-young opened the Catgarden cafe in 2016 to take in cats rescued off the streets or that were the subjects of failed adoptions, a situation that has worsened this year.

The number of abandoned pets increased by about 3.7% in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period last year, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The Catgarden Cafe itself has been hit this year by the coronavirus pandemic. The cafe used to have about 100 visitors a day, but that has recently dropped by about a third. Snack time is the best time to visit as the cats line up in the front yard for a treat. A special festive feast is planned for these cats in their Santa Paws gear.

17 Cats Who Stole Someone’s Boyfriend Or Husband And Had Zero Remorse

So often you humans believe that we felines are so slavishly devoted to you that we would never cuddle with another human….these stories prove that isn’t true!

Purrfect harmony! Guitarist performs a ‘jazz’ duet with his ginger cat Barney playing piano

Felines love to listen to mewsic and sometimes we like to make mewsic too!

Cat cafe simulation for feline loving gamers

Cat café simulation Calico is here. Now it is a bit confusing to this feline why you  humans would prefer a simulation to a real cat café but The Human reminded me that not everyone has a cat café in their neck of the woods (we don’t).  The game is ready and you can decorate cakes, collect animal friends and assemble your café right meow.

Cats of Syros, Netflix documentary

The cats of Syros will be starring in their own documentary in 2021. The cats were first introduced to the world in 2018 after Joan and Richard Bowell’s job advertisement for a live-in cat caretaker for the 55 plus kittens sheltered at their Syros based ‘God’s Little People’ cat rescue centre went viral.

The job ad received over 40,000 applications before the Bowell’s narrowed the list down to offer the position to Jeffyne Telson, a woman who had run  ‘ResQcats’, a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the care and welfare of stray and abandoned cats and kittens in Santa Barbara for 21 years.

When Joan, and her British Richard first came to Syros on holiday 20 years ago they were appalled at the living conditions of the cats of the island and how distressed they appeared.

“We spent our holidays feeding them, rushing them to the vet and giving them medication. Leaving them behind was terrible. We talked about how wonderful it would be to build our own house and help the cats,” said Richard

In 2011, the couple sold their house in Denmark and moved to Syros, turning an acre of island into a cat sanctuary that they called ‘God’s Little People’. Within the first year Joan and Richard had rescued 30 distressed cats.

Initially funding the shelter was a struggle and it was done by selling Joan’s illustrations and through small donations but the couple were soon broke.

One day a €10 note blew onto the property, just enough for Joan and Richard to finally buy themselves some coffee and a croissant. From there things began to turn around and today the shelter is doing well (but still always in need of donations).

All I can say is bless these humans who gave up so much to help the kitties of Syros!