Walk Through The Web Wednesday 9/2

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
I don’t know about you but we are happy to see September here in our neck of the woods. It’s still warm but not hot and pretty soon it will be leaf chasing time for Olliver.

We went to the stabby place for what The Human called a “wellness” visit. Ever since our Angel Tucker and Jasmine left us, I’ve had a bit of “scaredy cat syndrome”. Things that never used to bother me now scare the heck out of me. So, when we got the stabby place (and by the way, our stabby place is a “fearless” practice” and the Human opened our carriers, Oliver decided to stroll around the room while I preferred to hang out in my carrier.

While The Human was afraid our chubby Ollie would get “fat shamed” she was astounded to hear that he had lost half a pound since his last visit. The not so svelte Oliver now weighs in at 19.8 pounds. My weight was not too far behind at 18.3 but I am a long, muscular feline. I guess this weight thing may explain why 8.27 pound Lily has absolutely no interest in wrestling with us.

As if it wasn’t enough that my cowardice was a public event, Oliver couldn’t wait to get home and tell Lily all about it. My shame and humiliation were overwhelming so I had to hid in the pillows for a while.

I hope your stabby place visits go better than mine!

Cole and Marmalade back online after cat lawsuit is settled

Even felines can get into a legal hissing match. Poor Cole and Marmalade have been absent from social media due to a lawsuit between their humans and the human’s former partners.

Cole and Marmalade’s humans now run all their social media so we are hoping they won’t get into a cat fight about this stuff again. Also back is their male humans “Cat Man Chis” videos that made him known for his rescue work where he crawls into bushes, sewers or abandoned properties to retrieve sickly, dirty cats and kittens, which he cleans up, gets medical care and finds new homes for.

We are happy to see our furry friends back on the web but we would like to advise them that the next time they find themselves in a legal fracas, they should call Oliver & Associates, Feline Law Purractice.

Woman accidently turns her cat yellow

Dear humans, this is a cautionary tale regarding using human treatments on felines. This well meaning lady decided to treat her kitty’s fungus infection with turmeric. In her defense, she had tried everything for her suffering, snow white kitty Supamas before she decided on the turmeric. The fungus seems to be cleared up but the jury is still out as to how long it will take Supamas to return to her snowy white color.

Cat loves the sink so much her humans bought her one of her own

Shortly after she was adopted, Lazuli showed her love of sinks. This was not the case for her sister Lapis who couldn’t care less. Lazuli’s love of sinks was so great her humans couldn’t keep her out of theirs, so they bought her own. Once the sink was all set up, it was presented to Lazuli — and the happiness on her face when she realized the sink was just for her was absolutely priceless.  

“She’s essentially saying … ‘Really?! My own sink just for me,’” Her human said. 

Now, Lazuli uses her sink every chance she gets. She loves hanging out in it all the time, and luckily for her, her other cat siblings aren’t that interested in it. 

This feline goes from shelter kitty to sock icon

A Wisconson cat won the “put your cat on a sock” contest hosted by the retailer Christopher & Banks. Lacey now has her likeness on socks that are sold in stores.  She is also joined by the images of cats Mew Mew and Kira.  

Dear My Cat is an upcoming casual game about observing cats that’s designed to help players relax 

The Tribe isn’t really into to computer games but we do perk up when we hear about cat games. Dear My Cat is a new simulation game that is intended to be fairly easy as it’s main purpose isn’t competition but a way to offer relaxation to players.  

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with more details about Dear My Cat you can follow its various Social Media accounts. Currently, it has both a Facebook page and Instagram if you’d like to learn more about it. 

Dear My Cat is available to pre-order now over on the App Store and Google Play ahead of its release on 29th September. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.