Walk Through The Web Wednesday 6/12

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
It’s that time again when I purruse the web to find those little gems that I think you’ll like. I hope you enjoy!
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Siamese cat with blue eyes

Sharp to launch smart toilet for cats that can identify health problems – Japan Times


Ok, I have to admit at first I was a bit unsettled by the word “toilet” but I guess it must be a translation thing because this looks like a litter box to me. What is amazing about this litter box is several things. First, it is being sold exclusively in Japan (for the equivalent of $226.00). Why is this kitty potty so expensive you might ask. Well, it tracks the cat’s weight, urine volume, frequency and length of time spent in the litter box and analyzes the data.  And just when I was getting ready to say, “Gee, that’s great if you only have one cat” when I read that there is a sensor that can be added for each cat.

If there are issues. the humans will be alerted via an app on their smart phones.  Now our Humans would love one of these because whenever there is a health issue that includes litter box assessment, it isn’t easy when you have five felines in the house. What would your humans think about this?

New VR Demo Let’s You Explore Cat’s Innards – Futurism

VR explores inside of cats

Did you know that they are using virtual reality to train human doctors? Well, it stands to reason they’d soon try the same thing with cats.  There is also an entertainment feature that allows you to “rebuild” the virtual reality feline. Anyway, if you’re medically inclined, this might be a way to learn more about how your feline’s body operates.


Now I’ll be the first to tell you that I agree we felines are uber perceptive. But predicting the winner of the World Cup? I’m not sure about that.  But that’s just what they’re saying about Achilles, a resident cat of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

His method of picking the winner will consist of his choice between two bowls of food that are decorated with the flag of the competing nation.  Now this isn’t Achilles first rodeo, oh no. Last year, during the FIFA confederations cup, he correctly guessed three out of four major matches.


Role of Cats in Ancient Egypt is Focus of Carlos Museum Show – AJC

Divine Felines Cats of Ancient Egypt Michael C. Carlos Museum

We know how the Egyptians revered us felines (smart folks!) and now all you Atlanta felines can tell your human to go to the  “Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt” at the Michael C. Carlos Museum to educate themselves.  The exhibit says that the Egyptians saw cats as exhibiting godlike traits (again I say, smart humans!)

is a fascinating glimpse at just how crazy Egyptians were for the cats they mummified, commemorated in jewelry and furniture and saw as reflections of the divine on Earth; cats’ endurance, hunting skill and idiosyncratic personalities meant Egyptians saw them as reflecting certain godlike traits. They will see depictions of household felines and felines on a much grander scale. So tell them to get over there and, when they get home., to show you the respect and reverence you deserve!

35 Precious Photos Of Cats And Babies Just Because – HuffPost

photos of babies and cats

Well, it’s about time someone blew the lid off the old wives tale that says cats are dangerous around babies. In fact, it’s really quite the opposite (have you ever seen a baby or a toddler manhandle a cat? it’s not pretty). But these photos are only about love and sweetness and I guarantee you’ll enjoy them.