Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 12/7

Happy Wednesday Furiends,
We thought we’d change it up a bit with the logo. Oliver is quite happy to be featured during the holiday season. We like to keep track of unusual holidays and we found one for tomorrow (De. 8) that was lot’s of fun. December 8th is “Pretend to be a time traveler day”. We sent our Purrsonal Assistant to the web to find out about this holiday and here is what she learned.

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day was created in 2007 by the Koala Wallop online community which appeared to be a group of folks who were interested in time travel. Unfortunately, the group no longer exists but there are still many folks who find time travel interesting. The Human is quite fond of movies and books that feature time travel. Here are some of the time travel movies The Human has enjoyed (she’s not a fan of sci-fi so these all travel to the past):

The Human told us that the best time travel books she’s ever read is from one of her favorite authors, Daphne du Maurier and is called The House on the Stand

We felines decided that we wanted to be photoshopped into our favorite time travel setting. We hope you enjoy our photos!

Lily loves all things romantic and she believes the past is more romantic than the present or the future. She pretended to be a traveler in the 1920’s taking an elegant train ride to some lovely southern plantation.

I decided to imagine a trip to the future on some far off planet where I developed amazing powers like shooting lasers from my eyes.

Oliver decided to split the difference and go back in time to enjoy being in the Steampunk lifestyle with one paw in one century and another paw in the future.

We hope you enjoyed our celebration of Pretend to be a time traveler day”. Where would you go if you had a chance to be a time traveler?

Cat hates his new kitten brother until….

This video will help you not to despair if your cat is having some issues getting along with the new kitten.

Why is this Belgian town obsessed with cats?

Now here’s a fun event that happens in the Belgian town of Ypres. Thousands of people show up masquerading as cats. There are fancy floats that roll down the streets of the town as well as feline costumed humans.  The parade stops at Cloth Hall which is the center of the city’s thriving textile industry. So what is this all about you ask? Kattenstoet, the Festival of Cats is what they’re celebrating. And why is there a festival of cats in this town? Granted, we felines are marvelous enough to have festivities that celebrate us for no specific reason but there is much history behind this party.

It all began in medieval times. In those days, we felines were scorned and regarded as bad creatures associated with the devil. Early writers of the day compared cats catching mice to the devil catching human souls. In the thirteenth century, Pope Gregory IX raised a call to action against the “demonic” cat and people believed this resulted in the extermination of felines across Europe. Historians believe that this action caused the spread of the bubonic plage ravaging the continent in the 14th century. This is because the plague was caused by infected fleas found on rodents. The mass killing of cats allowed the rats to thrive with no predators and that resulted in the plague spreading at a fast pace.

Legend has it that the celebration of Kattenstoet in this town was for bringing cats in the fall and winter to the Cloth Hall to prevent vermin from destroying the imported wool and valuable clothing that was stored. In the spring, when the clothes were sold and the colony of cats had rapidly reproducing cats, who had done their job well, were killed.

This terrible practice continued until 1817 and after that no more cats were harmed and only the church bells were rung.

In1955 the city saw its first full-scale parade, complete with intricate floats and thousands of costumed citizens. The people of Ypres dress up as cats, mice, witches and historical figures. Accompanied by lively music and dance, brass bands and horse-riders, the procession moves down the streets until it reaches Cloth Hall. A jester tosses plush cats from the top of the tower into the waiting arms of the crowd below. This is followed by a mock witch-burning, in which a giant puppet witch is set on fire.

Kattenstoet. has become a major tourist attraction in Belgium, drawing thousands of spectators from around the world, all eager to witness the famed Festival of Cats. As for this cat, I can’t get over the dark history of this celebration and I’m very happy felines in Europe are much safer now than in the middle ages.

From stray cats to online stars

There are a number of lucky felines who have moved from the streets of Hong Kong and now live their best lives working and living in the shops of Hong Kong. I love to read and report about working cats.

Simple tips, how to keep your cats away from your Christmas trees

We felines are fascinated with your Christmas trees. So many things to swat, such a cozy space to hang out in. Our Angel Miss P. lived under the tree from the moment it was put up until it was taken down and she preferred to hang out there by herself.

Still, many of you humans get your whiskers in a twist when we “play” with your Christmas trees so here are some tips to prevent total tree destruction

There are some tricks to keep your Christmas ornaments safe. Hang the most valued (and fragile) ornaments toward the top of the tree. Hang cat attracting things like bells or wooden (sturdy) ornaments on the lowest branches. The bells help to also alert you if your feline in residence is messing with the tree..

If more drastic measures are required you can place pinecones sprayed with apple cider vinegar around the base of the tree. Most felines don’t like the  smell. But if your feline can endure the smell to get to the tree, try a cat deterrent spray like  ‘Four Paws Keep Off Outdoor and Indoor Spray’ ‘which is safe for cats and kittens.

Another option is to put some oranges under the tree as many of my feline friends do not like the smell at all.  

If all of these options fail, you can hang the tree from the ceiling, put the tree in a play pen or, as The Human does, just forget the tree and decorate the house in a festive manner instead.

That is NOT a fish!


I’ve featured many thieving felines in my Wednesday news stories but this Wisconson kitty wins the prize as he showed up at home with a whole alligator head!

 “He was very proud of himself,” owner Wendy Wiesehuegel told Fox News , At first Wieshuegel thought it was a bass or some other fish native to Wisconsin. She was shocked w hen she saw what her black cat, Burnt Toast, had brought home.

A  conservation expert said a wildlife biologist would need to confirm its authenticity, but that he believed it was not a souvenir head but belonged to a real animal, which likely measured three feet long.

American alligators aren’t native to Wisconsin, Aspenson suspects that it could’ve been a pet that escaped or was released. However, the wildlife official wasn’t sure how it perished or came into Burnt Toast’s possession, and Burnt Toast isn’t talking.,

Coincidentally, Wiesehuegel remembered seeing what she thought was a gator a few days prior while on a lake with her brother-in-law.

“He just laughed it off like, ‘No, it’s not a gator,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, it probably isn’t one,’ and we just kind of dismissed it, and then this showed up,”

While it’s rare to find this cold-blooded predator in such a frigid climate, Aspenson believes this won’t be the last time.

In July, Wisconsin police were flabbergasted after finding an alligator roaming a neighborhood in Kenosha. As it turned out, the reptile — named Chomper — was actually someone’s pet, and it was reunited with its caregiver after its little adventure.

This marked the second such animal that’d been found in southeast Wisconsin that month. The first was a 24-inch allegedly escaped gator that was discovered swimming in a lake in Fond du Lac.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 1/25/2017

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Friends,
It’s that time of the week when I share some of my favorite web stories about or for felines.
Your Friend,

Newlyweds, their Amazing Cat & Their Cross Country Adventures – I Heart Cats

honeymoon couple treavel to national parks with their black and white cat

Photo courtesy of I Heart Cats and ourvieadvemtures

As we move toward Valentine’s Day, I thought a story about true human and feline love would be a great idea, and what’s more romantic than Cees and Madison Hofman and their kitten Vladimir spending their first year of wedded bliss on the road, exploring all 59 U.S. National Parks?

The couple said their goal was to make their furry family member the “cutest, coolest, smartest, best adventure kitty out there.” Hats off to Vladimir who is not only leash trained but clicker trained as well. You go Vlad! You can follow Vladimir and his humans on Instagram


Roomba Cats and Superbowl Ads – Ad Week

tabby cat riding a roombaThe female human does consulting and a lot of business with the company GoDaddy.com. I can wholeheartedly recommend this company as they are doing roomba-cat Superbowl ads this year. The female human and I think the male human should buy her a roomba and I have volunteered to pilot it. Take a sneak peek at one of the ads.


Hong Kong Shop Cats Help Business – The Daily Mail


Photograph courtesy of Marcel Heijnen

You know I just can’t let a Wednesday go by without posting something about working cats. This week, I found a story about a photographer who spent a year taking pictures of Hong Kong’s shop cats.  And the folks in Hong Kong know a thing or two about felines, they consider their shop cats fortunate and they acknowledge that their furry coworkers help bring in customers to their stores.

Here’s to all the shop kitties in Hong Kong and the rest of the world.





Bubble Bowl Chair for Cats – Metro UK

black and white cat in clear feline bubble chairFurniture for cats is nothing new. I can tell you our humans spend a lot of cash on feline furnishings for our home. What is new about this item is that this chair is comfortable for cats and fun for humans as well. You know we like to slink into odd-shaped items and contort our lithe bodies into amazing forms. This chair allows us to do this and, since it’s a clear blubble, the humans get the full, entertaining effect of our antics.  The female human was ready to order one for the Tribe of Five, but it’s on something called “Kickstarter” and the donation amounts are in Hong Kong dollars. As soon as she figures out how to do this, I’ll let you know.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Cats & Cat Moms from Etsy-Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows

Valentine’s Day, the day to show love between humans and felines is coming soon. I found some wonderful gift ideas, gifts the humans can buy for their fur kids and gifts the fur kids can give their humans (as long as one of the humans helps them with ordering and paying!)  I love the catnip kickers because soft, long catnip filled toys that I can grab and kick with my back legs are my faves.  The female human liked all the ideas but, since she never met a piece of jewelry she didn’t like, she especially liked the cat pendant (and the fact that it looks a bit like my brother Oliver). Don’t forget to show your humans some extra love on Valentines Day!