Walk Through The Web Wednesday 1/13

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends!
I hope the weather in your neck of the woods is better than ours. We’ve had high wind warnings and our electricity was out! Thankfully, our Human was forward thinking when she had our house built so we always have the gas fireplace in the living room to keep us warm. It’s a shame about her morning coffee but if she wants to use her Keurig, we told her she should get a generator! Everything is now back to normal and up to our finicky feline standards.

I wanted to clarify that when I refer to “our neck of the woods” I mean that literally and the woods offer great entertainment for The Tribe. The Human flung open the bedroom curtains and found this little guy stretched out on the pine needles sleeping!

Another interesting event was the new tea The Human bought. It’s a brand she’s used for years, Sleepy Time Tea. She drinks it because she has trouble sleeping, which she blames on us, more on that topic below. Anyhoo, she bought the “extra” version the other day which contains valerian. Did she not remember that valerian affects some of us like catnip?? I sure am enjoying my evening tea these days!

“Hmmm, this smells intriguing .”
“Thank you Human, I will expect my tea each evening at the same time.”

Before I share this week’s stories, I must tell you about the horrible allegations hw Human has made against us. She is claiming that Oliver and I keep her up at night due to our snoring. Snoring? Really? She went so far as to record us and claims that the sound quality isn’t great because we’re at the foot of the bed and she couldn’t get closer because she was afraid of waking us up. We will let you all decide if we snore or not.

Whoops, looks like this audio file won’t play. We’ll have our Purrsonal Assistant do some research but Oliver and I don’t see the need because we DON’T snore!

Finally, we will be featuring one of our interweb furiends tomorrow who has something he’d like to meow about on our first ever Cat Chat segment. Remember, if you’d like to meow at us just send us an email at FelineOpines@gmail.com with a good head shot so we can make sure we coordinate your mouth to match your words. Come back tomorrow and listen to what Marvelous (Marv) has to say!

Street cats in Portugal are being given old washing machines as shelters

Oh my whiskers, I love it when  you humans find creative ways to help homeless kitties! Stray cats in Valongo, an area of Portugal’s city Porto, are starting 2021 very well. The cat colonies who live in the city streets are getting new shelters, all made from old washing machines and dryers.

The machines are painted and decorated, lined with blankets and offer the street kitties protection and comfort.  Now the good humans of Valongo purrticipate in the TNR (trap, neuter, release) program and also work to find furever homes for kittens. There are care givers who come and feed the cat colony,

 They project they will need 50 machines and are looking for donations. You can contact them via email at GMVM@cm-valongo.pt.

New Research to Help Shelters Better Place Cats in Loving Homes

Meowza, this Feline Temperament Profile (FTP) is going to help lots more cats get furever homes!”

Our Human is always singing the praises of HABRI (The Human Animal Bond Research Institute) and the Winn Feline Foundation. The Winn Foundation’s Animal Studies Journal recently published confirmation of the effectiveness of the Feline Temperament Profile (FTP) in assessing the vehavioral responses of cats in different situations. They also found that even a shortened FTP assessment does  not cause a loss of reliability, This can provide a quick, practical tool for shelters and other rescue organizations to help cats find compatable homes and reduce the likelihood of cat relinquishment.

Dr. Gretchen Carlisle, Research Scientist at the University of Missouri said, “With this study, we conclude that the shorter FTP can be deployed to increase the possibility of successful adoptions by matching cats with adopting families’ expectations and improving shelter staff’s accuracy to easily and objectively assess behavior.”

Research suggests that cats have a better chance of staying in their furever homes if their purrsonalities are compatible with the humans who adopt them.

The discovery that the shortened test does not affect reliability makes this shorter version a much more valuable tool for shelter workers to use.

Meowza! The good folks who work in shelters could sure use a more streamlined form of this test to help their felines get adopted!

Woman begs people to stop blaming her for her fat cat’s massive size

This feline finds it very sad that some of you humans are so hissy and judgmental regarding other human’s cat posts. One area where I see much judgment is about cats that are heavier or CHONKY. As a matter of fact, a Facebook group was formed in 2019 called “This Cat is CHONKY” where people can post without the fear of judgment. The group has over 860,000 members and has grown like crazy since I first reported about it.

As members of that group, we’ve already met (and love Squishy) who is a 36 pound feline who is not an overeater but who has a syndrome caused by a tumor in his brain. The tumor secretes an excess of growth hormone which results in his girth. His loing human, Lauren Masterson has been treated horribly by some folks who blame her for his weight. She says, ‘They assume I’m either an idiot or a negligent person who is drastically overfeeding Squishy on purpose.”

Rest assured world that Lauren has worked with her vets, giving him tests, trying new things to help with his weight and making changes as prescribed by her vet.

Squishy is a loveable guy and Lauren loves him very much. Instead of judging Squishy’s human why not let her know that she’s doing a great thing by caring for him and paying the vet expenses to keep him healthy and happy!

Cat benefits from human’s new beading skills

If you’re a purrrticularly lucky feline like Anna, when your human takes up a new hobby, you benefit.  Anna’s human, Shelby Mitchell-Adams took up beading and her first project was a beaded floral vest for Anna.

Anna was adopted and given a furever home when she was found abandoned on the side of the road and now is loved and well dressed.

So my furiends, never give up. You too could go from the roadway to the runway!

New adoption van brings Cumberland County dogs, cats outside the shelter

Cumberland County Animal Services has a new mobile adoption van designed to help cats and dogs get out of the shelter and find homes.

These creative humans from the Cumberland County Animal Services in in North Carolina were gifted a custom van that can house up to 21 animals to off-site adoption events. And everything is organized so well that the humans who adopt can take their fur kid home on the same day!

The van can also help with evacuations, large animal cruelty and in partnering with other agencies to free up shelter space.

The shelter director hopes that with volunteers, adoption and resources like the mobile adoption center, more animals can be saved in the years to come. We hope so too!

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 11/11

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
I hope this week finds you healthy and happy in your neck of the woods. It’s gotten pretty chilly here and while Oliver and Lily are busy looking toward their own comfort, I have been busy helping our Human with the chores.

There is a heat vent by the sink. Oliver sticks his head on the vent and hogs it until he is sufficiently warmed.
The fire is Oliver’s purrfered heat source.
I can’t figure out if Lily is comfortable in this position or not.
Lily is definitely comfortable here!
And while the rest of the Tribe selfishly seeks out their own comfort, I help with the laundry. Granted, I did knock it down off the bench and it is nice and toasty after being pulled out of the dryer but I’m still helping.

That’s a brief look at our lazy week now let’s take a look at what is happening in the feline world.

Nissan is giving tiny kei cars to felines in cat cafés across Japan

I have seen ads from car companies who seem to be marketing to dog lovers but not Nissan who is partnering with a chain of Japanese cat cafes to promote the Nissan Dayz kei car.    

This small kei car starting at ¥1,327,700 ($12,590 USD), is loaded with state-of-the-art features. Even base grades get lane departure warnings, forward collision braking, hill hold, and pedestrian detection braking, auto-dim high-beams, and more. Higher trim levels get Nissan’s Around View bird’s eye parking assist and ProPilot system that includes hands-free highway driving with adaptive cruise and lane centering.

Nissan says it’s so easy to drive, a cat could do it and to prove their point, they created cat-sized Dayz cars to be placed at “Mocha” cat café locations throughout Japan.The official Nissan website does warn (via Google translate) “Please note that the cat may not drive the car depending on the mood of the cat.”

I am beginning to believe that it’s time for the Tribe to campaign for The Human to take us and move to Japan!

Flies For Dinner: Purina To Offer Bug Based Dog, Cat Food

Okay, this feline will be the first cat to admit that we felines eat some pretty disgusting stuff but I’m wondering if Purina has gone too far this time.

Purina PetCare is launching a new pet food line to offer dogs and cats a more eco-friendly meal option. Starting this month, they will sell insect-based Purina Beyond Nature’s Protein in Switzerland.

And if the idea of “fly food” isn’t disgusting enough, let me tell you the details per Purina’s press release. “The insect protein comes from black soldier fly larvae, which are already in use in animal feed in Europe. The millet and fava beans provide protein, energy, and fiber to aid digestion. All the ingredients are steamed to maintain nutrient quality.”

Purina is referring to this new product line as a new eco-conscious choice. And says that many scientists and chefs have long promoted eating bugs, including mealworms, as a sustainable food option with “great promise” for humans as well as pets.

This feline says “thanks but no thanks!”. If any of our furiends in Switzerland have tried this food, give us a meow in the comments and let us know what you think. As for me, I’ll stick to stinky fish.

Neonatal nurse brings her skill and compassion home to help feline patients

We couldn’t embed the video but you can watch it by clicking here.

There are heroes and then there are HEROES. Neonatal nurse Sheryl Cyr takes her hospital skills to her non-profit, Loving Lois Rescue and Rehabilitation in Florida.

Cyr is the founder of Loving Lois Rescue and Rehabilitation. The 501c3 nonprofit’s mission is to help special needs kittens get healthy and find homes.    

She rescues kittens that nobody else will take and nurses them back to health. She will take mother cats with their newborns and deal with the medical issues of the little ones.

Cyr has had 23 years of neonatal experience and explains she’s compelled to work with special needs kittens because the sickest and most fragile ones who can’t do it without help and can’t tell us what’s wrong. They can’t tell us what hurts.

Cyr named the rescue after a cat that resides with her now called Lois. Lois was found paralyzed and lying in a parking lot five years ago. Today, after therapy, Lois has gained back all her motion and climbs, runs and plays with Cyr’s other cats. Cyr has 11 permanent feline residents.

“People often ask me why I do what I do,” Cyr said as she sat on her couch, a tiny kitten named Little Mary purring and outstretched against her chest. “This makes it worth it right here. If they can all go on to be safe, happy and loved, that’s all I need.”

Paws up to you Sheryl Cyr!

Adopt A Human – The Pet Effect

Did you know that having felines in your home is healthy for you? The Pet Effect , a campaign from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) works toward the goal to introduce pet owners to the health benefits of the human-animal bond, and to understand how important veterinarians are for happy, healthy pets!

The Female Human used HABRI research while she earned her diploma in Feline Behavior and Psychology and is very impressed with their work.  HABRI assembles scientific evidence that demonstrates how pets improve heart health; alleviate depression; increase well-being; support child health and development; and contribute to healthy aging. In addition, companion animals can assist in the treatment of a broad range of conditions from post-traumatic stress to Alzheimer’s disease to autism spectrum disorder. The Pet Effect campaign not only shares the benefits of pet ownership but also shares the message and the science that proves veterinary medicine is an essential component of health for pets and people.

So if you know anyone who still doesn’t have a feline in their house, please send them this video along with the number to your local shelter!


Kudos to our furiends at Cats Protection in the UK for creative thinking in these difficult times.   More than 10,000 cats have found their furever homes since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic thanks to a pioneering new idea.

Cats Protection launched a new doorstep delivery scheme called Hands-Free Homing in March to ensure cats could still be homed despite forthcoming lockdown restrictions. They used interactive video to match prospective owners with potential pets, and then transporting the animals to the new owner’s doorstep if a match was found.

Interested adopters interacted with the shelters and the cats virtually and then when the match is made the new feline in residence is delivered to your door.

We love it when you humans get creative!