Felines on the Cutting Edge of Decor

Hello World,
IMG_2282Oliver here. While the female human was writing Amelia’s Story, the Tribe of Five had an editorial meeting and decided that there is so much fantastic feline information out there that we would make it a regular feature to tell you about something fabulous that we discovered during our purrrrrusal of the internet.

Today I bring you a very cool post from our friends across the pond at Katzenworld.

Now, before I share this newsflash with you, I want you to hold on to both sides of your litterbox. Are you ready? Okay. Did you know you could have your humans select some of your best photos and turn them into wall murals? Can you imagine the fetching photo of me above, covering the dining room wall (I am fetchingly posing on the dining room rug).

cat-in-space-muralAnd you can fill your walls with designs that fit your decorating style. For instance, the male human loves all things “outer-spacy” and I think this mural would definitely fit his decorating tastes.

There’s much more at Katzenworld, so click on the link and find out how you can have purrrrfect home decor.

Your Friend,