Friendly Fill Ins Week #91

We’re getting quite fond of these weekly fill ins. This week we’re doing something a bit different and each of the The Tribe of Five will be contributing to the fill ins. We hope you enjoy our answers. You can join this blog hop at McGuffy’s Reader, or head on over to the Fill In co-host, our friends at 15andmeowing.  You are always welcome to share your fill in answers in the comments section of our post as well.

Here are this week’s fill ins:

1. Trust________________.
2. I would protest _____________________.
3. I have                  since                .

4. Right now, I                   .

Here are our answers:

1.Trust me (Oliver)  to find all the heating vents in the house and maximize the heat coming out of each one. This is one of my favorites, in the kitchen.


2.I would protest 
if we (Tucker and Lily) were not allowed enough room on the sofa to cuddle. You can see I (Tucker) am feeling a bit cramped even in the space I’m allowed. 



3.I (Jasmine) have served as nurse to the Humans ever since I was a kitten. Here I am standing on the Female Human’s chest to ensure she’s breathing during a recent bout with the flu..


4.Right now I (Alberto)  am guarding this puzzle thing that the relative of the Humans so foolishly decided to assemble (and attempt to protect) on my dining room table. Are there little pieces of this puzzle on the floor? I’ll let you be the judge.

22 thoughts on “Friendly Fill Ins Week #91

  1. Thank you all for participating, I enjoyed all your answers. I hope your human has recovered from the flu. Oliver looks so comfy on the heating vent. Have a great weekend! XO

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  3. whitefish wavez guyz frum de land o trout! we saw on R side bar ewe dee sided ta give uz a follow…manee thanx for it N sorree we iz late ta reply….we due a LOT oh snoozin heer N due knot all wayz catch stuff….well, we due catch fish…anyway pleez feel free ta stop bye
    any time,de hole famileez welcome N if ya canna understand R speech, pleez say sew coz we can type in like 2 languagez; N we willna take o fence if ya canna understand uz…we dont understand uz either ~~~~ ♥♥ we hope everee one haza grate week oh end, see ya soon! ♥️❤️

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    • Paws waving back. We live in the land of trout too but our Male Human is too selfish to bring the fishies home. He says he does something called “catch and release”. Sorry but from a feline point of view this is really stupid. Ah well, whatcha’ gonna do..
      Purrs & Head Bonks,
      The Tribe of Five


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