Walk Through the Web Wednesday 1/31

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello There My Friends,
Alberto here taking my weekly meander through the pathways and byways of the Internet highway. I hope you enjoy this weeks finds.
Purrrs & Head Bonks,

Siamese cat with blue eyes


Rock Photographer Holds Auction to Benefit Kitten Krazy Cat Shelter – Cleveland Scene

I normally steer clear of purrlitical things (unless my brother Oliver is running for Purresident) .  This purrlitical statement is for an excellent cause and I think every human should have one of these shirts. The world would be much better off we felines could get it to purr!  A local Cleveland rock photographer supports the Kitten Crazy Cat Shelter every year by auctioning off his amazing rock star concert photos and a nifty special logo t-shirt. You don’t have to live in Cleveland to bid on the amazing photos or buy one of the t-shirts. (I’m sending the Female Human over to get one!)


Black Cats Shunned For Purrfect Selfies -BBC.com

A recent BBC article states that black cats are being shunned by potential owners because they don’t “show well” in selfies. I think this is ridiculous! We celebrated National Black Cat Awareness last month and sang the praises of beautiful black felines. (Note the photo of our handsome former Tribe member Buster).

The Moggery in Bristol is offering free neutering for black cats and other shelters offer this as well to help raise adoptions for black felines.

The RSPCA says it sees more black and black and white cats come into it’s care than any other color of felines. We recently did an interview with Whisky, The Tuxedo Cat who told us about this problem as well. The RSPCA said on average it takes at least 10 days longer to rehome a black cat or black and white compared to a ginger one. Now this needs to stop humans! If you’ve never had a black or black and white cat in your home, you are definitely missing out. Just ask our Male and Female humans, and our Tribe member Oliver!



Kitten Bowl V -Sunday, Feb. 4, 2081 – Hallmark Channel

Get ready folks, it’s time for one of my favorite feline events…The Kitten Bowl! You don’t have to wait until Sunday to enjoy all the pregame festivities.  Check out all the players (or catletes) and watch video from last year’s Kitten Bowl. The best part of his event is that all these kittens from various shelters find furever homes after purrticipating.



Monster Hunter Cat Game is Confusing Cats in The Real World – Nerdlist

Dear Humans, we felines love technology but when you freak us out with it, well that’s quite another story. Capcom’s recently released a game called Monster Hunter: World that features some feline-like sidekicks called Palicos, who communicate via meows. Japanese gamers are capturing some very amusing pictures and videos of their cats getting freaked out by the sounds coming from their screens. Humans, you’ve had your laugh, now stop it!


Bureaucats: The felines with official positions – BBC.com

Oh how I love stories about felines with jobs (I’ve featured many stories of professional pussy cats in my Wednesday wanderings). This article wraps many of the more famous bureocats into a nice package, Post Office Cats, Police Cats, military cats and more. Don’t miss these stories,. Did you know that by WWII almost every British ship had a cat or that In 1868 three cats were formally employed as mousers at the Money Order Office in London?  And don’t forget the star cats, a beautiful white cat named Arthur was the furry face of Spillers cat food for nearly 10 years from 1966, scooping Kattomeat from the tin into his mouth. He was such a star the brand was later renamed Arthur’s in his honor.

17 thoughts on “Walk Through the Web Wednesday 1/31

    • We never met our former Tribe member Buster but the photos the humans have show what a handsome guy he was. The Female Human says he was one of the sweetest felines she’s ever known. (Evidently that was before Oliver and I came to live with them).
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

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  1. Purrrs & Head Bonks back at you, Alberto! Another great selection of sites – I always thought Mr. M was difficult to photograph because he avoided cameras, but he is a handsome ole tom, so we keep trying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We were shocked too, we learned a lot about black and white cats from our friend Wisky at Tuxedo Cats. Oliver s says, “What’s not to love about black and white cats? ”
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


  2. We just hate that ’bout black kitties. It just upsets us that peeps feel that way. Altho’, kitties ain’t toys or show pieces, so peeps wantin’ them just fur selfies, shouldn’t be adoptin’ any kitty. Just out ‘pinion. As fur video games featurin’ cats, we’re just not sure how we feel ’bout those. Mommy plays one that has the kitties be fruit and vegie eaters only. She thinks it sends a bad message and could cause damage to real life cats by players who don’t know any better or take games literally. Great choices. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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    • Agree with all your points Dezi and Raena. The Female Human says that it’s the purrsonality that draws her to a new Tribe Member, She could care less whether the cat is pink, black or purple! The Female Human downloaded a fishy game for us when we were kittens from the Friskies site but we got bored with is. Love you both!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,.

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