Friendly Fill Ins #103

Hi Friends,
Oliver here. Oh my whiskers! Our purrsonal assistant was busy doing other things (non of which are as important as our blog) and did not get the Friendly Fill ins posted yesterday,. Meowza it’s hard to find good help!

As I say, better late than never so here they are. The blog hop is sponsored and created by our furiends at 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader. Head on over and enter the “hop” at McGuffy’s reader or you can post your fill ins in our comments (we love to hear you opine!)

Purrs & Head Bonks,

black and white cat Oliver


Here are the fill in questions:

1. I could really use ____________________.

2. ________________________ is a charity that I like to support.

3. One time, I broke                           , and                          .

4. I wish that I had                    , when I was young(er).

Here are my answers:



The struggle is real

1.I could really use another Dharma Dog Karma Cat bed. The female human won a beautiful bed for us and Alberto seems to have claimed it as his own. I quite like it too. Come to think of it though, if the Humans get another bed, I’d prefer something a bit wider as getting into this one is a tight squeeze.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2.The Panhandle Animal Shelter is a charity I like to support. Well, actually we send the female human out to do a table at the annual fund raiser and to share some of our pawsome swag with the shelter cats there. But I am a big supporter as this is where my brother Alberto and I came from as well as Lily,

Check out his tail, wasn’t much left to glue. MOL

3. One time I broke one of The Female Human’s favorite pottery birds and The Male Human hid it so I wouldn’t get in trouble. She found it eventually and attempted to glue the tail back on but it’s never been the same.
4. I wish that I had  known what a great cuddle buddy Tucker is when I was younger.

7 thoughts on “Friendly Fill Ins #103

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. That was sweet of your male human to hide the broken bird for you 🙂 And the shelter sounds like a great place to help. Have a mice weekend. XO

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  2. Great answers! Purr mentioned something we do for literacy for our charity because she gets involved in that. The humans of our household go to our local shelter on Saturday mornings and help in whatever way we can (mainly repairs and cleaning for the humans while the kids read to the animals). Our own pets love having books read to them. In fact this is one of the rare things that Purrseidon will settle down for. Our Saturday outings are also when “Master Munchkin’ spotted Katsu … he’s been begging to adopt him for months, but wasn’t allowed to until he was old enough. “MM’ felt very badly for the kitten who was isolated in a cage in the lobby due (with a do not touch sign on the cage). We dearly hope that we can get an accurate diagnosis of what’s wrong with that eye, so we know if he needs to be kept in quarantine… At least now, he’s isolated in a whole room instead of a cage.


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