#AtoZChallenge X

Hi There,
Tucker here. Today’s letter is “X” and that stands for “X-RAY” , as in X-ray eyes. Any of you humans who live with felines are furmaliar with that x-ray, mind controlling stare we employ to get you to do our bidding. Every feline needs to master the art of the stare as this is the first step in training your Humans.



Tucker: this is my x-ray stare technique, looking cute and maximizing my crossed blue eyes to their best advantage. How could you refuse anything this sweet face asks??










Lily: I use my unusual round eyes for my x-ray stare technique to capture The Human’s attention and then I just stare and stare. Pretty soon they cave to my will.  I am silently saying, “Oh please, give me just one treat.”






Jasmine: My x-ray eyes technique, I will stare at The Humans with my baby blues until they do the right thing (and the right thing is whatever I want them to do.)








Oliver: I use the “You’ve got to be kidding me!” x-ray eye technique. After a while, the Humans will realize they are being judged and found lacking and they will cave.








My x-ray eye technique is a bit on the snarky side. I have this certain look that I will maintain. Soon enough the Humans begin to feel they have done something I find egregious and then they will begin to attempt to find out what it is that I need.

39 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge X

  1. They’ve definitely got the “x ray” stare down haven’t they? I wonder how many things they managed to get you to do as a result!! I seem to recall my cats having that same talent….clever little darlings.

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  2. All of you felines have the humans at your command! It’s definitely a skill you’ve all mastered. It’s definitely a gift you have with the Xray stare technique while looking adorable.

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  3. Oh, you kitties have the technique DOWN!! No one is safe around you felines. I think my favorite is Oliver’s stare though. I was beginning to cave right through the screen!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  4. YES! When Callie the Cat lived with us, she was able to stair all of us down….that is until we got River and she wouldn’t back down to Callie.

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