#AtoZChallenge L

Hi There,
Lily here. Today’s letter is “L” and that stands for “Long”. Now most of you humans don’t think of felines as being long but we are capable of stretching ourselves quite far. Even the chubby felines, I won’t name names (Oliver) can lengthen themselves with a little kitty yoga. So all you felines out there, stretch and relax!

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17 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge L

    • Thank you for your kinds words. We must tell you we loved your blog but our purrsonal assistant couldn’t figure out how to follow it (I think it was a language issue!). Alberto (the Siamese) sends his regards and the Female Human (who is our purrsonal assistant and general lackey) says thanks for the compliments on the photos, she does her best). You have some beautiful cat photos on our blog.
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


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