#AtoZChallenge K

Hello Everyone,
Alberto here. Today’s letter is “K” and that stands for “Kayaking”. Why is a cat blogging about kayaking you may ask. Well, I am a feline that fancies himself as a bit of an outdoor adventurer (as long as the Male and Female Human are close at hand). As you may note from my expression in one of these photos, I do purrfer summer over winter when I’m having my adventures. My Female human loves kayaking and since I love adventure and water (I like to get in the shower with the Male Human) our summer project is for the Female Human and I to go kayaking. I have a halter, leash, two life jackets to make sure I get the best fit and a lot of hope. This summer will be interesting!

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16 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge K

    • Thanks , it remains to be seen how well it will go and seeing that we’re having “fourth winter” here (snow warning today) it will be a while . The Female Human will document everything in photographs, regardless of the outcome.
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

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  1. Purrseidon here = Alberto, I’m expecting a complete report + photos of this great adventure! Not only do I have a harness, 2 life jackets PLUS, there is a kayak in my garage…. I’m having issues getting my staff to take me in it…. they are foolish enough to believe that all I need for water fun is my boogie board and that is very ‘last season’. >^.^<

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