Oliver Opines on Easter and other things on Friendly Fill Ins #99


Hi There,
Oliver here. I’m hosting the fill ins this week and I hope you enjoy them. I invite you to join the blog hop fun at 15andmeowing or McGuffy’s Reader. If you prefer you can leave your fill ins in the comment section of this blog. Happy Easter!@
Purrs & Head Bonks,

black and white cat Oliver


1. For Easter ( or Passover), I ______________________________.

2. My favorite Easter ( or Passover) treat is_______________________.
3. Lately, the song                   is stuck in my head.

4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge                           .

My answers:

EasterEgghyunt1.  For Easter I hope the humans bring home some of those plastic eggs. Their church has a community Easter Egg hint for all the kids in our community and those shiny, colorful plastic things are so much fun to whack down the stairs. As you can see from the photo, it’s always a bit chilly (and often rainy) in our neck of the woods but the kids love it. Our humans volunteer every year and bring coffee and donuts to the parents and invite them to church. That’s all well and good but what do the Humans do for felines on Easter?


2. My favorite Easter Treat is Hello Kitty Easter eggs! Now I know that cat’s don’t eat hard boiled eggs (at least I don’t think so) but we sure appreciate any nod to the feline population during Easter.


3. Lately the song “We Are Siamese If You Please” from Lady and the Tramp is stuck in my head. Every one of the Tribe of Five has some Siamese in them and everyone but me looks Siamese. My brother Alberto looks like one of those cats in the movie and me, not so much. I’m a chubby little black and white feline with a heart over my eye but I still have Siamese heritage!


4 The A-Z Blogging Challenge is something the Tribe of Five had never heard of so we sent our purrsonal assistant over to the site to sign us up! Look for our daily alphabetical blogs in April.


21 thoughts on “Oliver Opines on Easter and other things on Friendly Fill Ins #99

  1. OMG, I think this is my new favorite blog.
    Mr Lou responds:
    1. For Easter, I will nap.
    2. My favorite Easter treat is: Double servings on all meals! Doubtful, but a cat can dream.
    3. Lately the song “Love Puts on a New Face” by Joni Mitchell has been in my human’s head.
    4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge is my human’s obsession. Give me A-Z treats and I might get more enthusiastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, great feline answers. I think that nap idea is great and have been celebrating Easter with you and enjoying some nice naps (especially since it snowed today and we felines are getting a bit weary of the white stuff!). The Female Human is quite excited about the A-Z blog challenge.
      Thank you for your kind words,
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins. great answers. I am so happy you are going to be doing the A-Z challenge. I look forward to your posts. I just pinned those Hello Kitty eggs on my Easter board, too cute . I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and I hope your mom gets you some plastic eggs and fills them with nip. XO

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    • Thanks Snoops and Kommando Kitty, I prefer to refer to myself as “pleasingly plump{” although I must admit I lack the svelte, muscular physique of my brother (but the Humans say it’s all part of my charm).
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

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    • Don’t know what the weather is like where you are but it was SNOWING today! Little kids running around in the cold, trying to find Easter eggs in the snow…sheesh!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


    • And a Happy Easter to all of you as well. ‘Hope the weather is better where you are. In our neck of the woods it SNOWED! The Tribe of Five is curling up with the humans and enjoying a nice fire.
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

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