Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 3/22

Hello Furiends!
I hope your week went well. It’s been nice here in our neck of the woods. The snow is finally starting to melt and we are enjoying finding sun puddles in the house to “recharge”. The Human did have an exciting surprise this week. She came home to find a package from Chewy and lo and behold, there was a painting of Lily, from one of Chewy’s talented artists.

“I think this painting captures me beautifully.”

Now I say “one of the Chewy artists” because The Human did receive a lovely portrait of my brother Oliver and the signature on the painting is different than the one on Lily’s portrait but also beautiful!

“I am a handsome fellow!”

Now it’s not that I begrudge Lily and Oliver their fame but I am wondering when it will be my turn, I think I’m a pretty handsome man cat.

“Dear Chewy, when will I be immortalized in a painting?”

Oh, and if you’re wondering how being captured for posterity in oil has affected Lily……….

“You may now approach me peasants.”

As I mentioned, we’ve been having sun!! While The Human mumbles about how the sun shows how dirty the living room windows are, Ollie and Lily took advantage of the soft sofa and the sun puddles.

Oh well, purrhaps it’s time for me to stop sulking about the painting …but then again….

“Here’s the deal Human, get a painting done of me and I’ll get off your paperwork, capiche?

Well, enough about us, let’s see what’s new in the feline news world.

Cat Survives After Six Days in Gas Explosion Rubble

Photo courtesy of the NY Post

A cat named Teddy was found in a pile of rubble six days after a gas explosion in a house in south Wales. The March 13 blast killed one person. Teddy’s human and her son were taken to the hospital and both recovered from their injuries. Another family feline and their puppy had been rescued but for a week there was no sign of Teddy. Thank goodness rescue workers never gave up and, when Teddy’’s human showed up after she was released from the hospital and whistled for him, Teddy the Ragdoll emerged from the wreckage. I love stories with happy endings!

Cat in Taiwan does vocals & busks with singer during love song inspired by cats

Photo courtesy of TikTok account of @0110maojian

A street performing cat in Taiwan has won over the internet and the locals with his vocal purrformances. The song he and his humans sing is a love song that has a hook that plays on the onomatopoeia of the sound a cat makes. Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates a sound like “buzz” or “sizzle”.

Roughly translated, the first line is, “We can learn to meow like cats, we go meow meow meow meow meow.” Needless to say, this is a purrfect line for a cat to sing. As he’s brought to the microphone to sing the cat delights the crowd and his fellow human singers. You can watch the wonderful purrformance in a clip posted to TikTok.

I quite fancy a singing career however The Human can’t sing at all so I’d have to find my own human band. Anyone out there want to go on the road?

Cat Pets the Dogs He Meets on His Walks

Newsweek has a weekly pet winner and this week’s winner is Murray, adopted by Lisa Russel in 2021. Lisa, like The Human, took Murray to foster and of course, became a foster failure (a badge of honor).

Murray, was adopted in the fall of 2021, his owner told Newsweek: “I was just supposed to foster him for a week or two…but we all know how that can go.”

Murray had been living in downtown San Diego until his owner was no longer able to care for him. A call for help with fostering was sent out to the community and Russell answered the call. As soon as she she saw Murray he was her forever cat.

Murray loves to travel in the stroller in the big park near his house. Russel says, “He hangs his little arm over the edge of the stroller like he’s driving a sorts car. On nippy days, he dons a scarf made by a neighbor-it’s blue to match his eyes, of course.”

“When Murray hears me tell the dogs that it’s time to go to the park, he runs to the bottom of the stairs along with them. He’s rarin’ to go,” said Russell. “I do put a collar and leash on him so that he is secure in the stroller. He is a very good boy, but I want to be safe and not worry about his reflexively hopping out to chase a lizard or bird.”

I’m thinking about all those lucky folks in the San Diego park who meet Murray when he’s out and about and get a “Murray paw shake”.

Adorable Duet Ensues as Dad Sings Cat to Sleep and Feline Joins In

From then Instagram account of Anthony Klein and Sammy

Anthony Klein and his ginger feline companion Sammy are best buds. They do a lot together including singing duets. Klein shared a video on Instagram showing his drowsy cat as he serenades him with the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. In the video, Sammy joins in the singing. 

As you may have guessed, the video has gone viral. These two are a purrfect match, in life and in singing. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram account.

15 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 3/22

  1. Great artwork and great stories as usual.

    Ten years ago two of my friends were killed in an explosion that destroyed their house.. When the first responders got there the dog was wandering around outside – he had probably been let out before whatever set off the explosion. There was no sign of the cat, and it was assumed he had been inside and died along with the humans.
    But the couple’s kids (all adults) kept going back to check, and some of the neighbors even said t hey thought they had seen the cat.
    And one day, about two weeks later, the daughter-in-law stopped by the property and found the cat ! He had hidden down in the window well ()it was February when all this happened) and somehow survived. He was not burned or injured, and was soon reunited with the dog and the rest of the family.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lily’s portrait sure is beautiful. Alberto, we sure hope you get immortalized sometime soon, too!

    We’re so glad Teddy was found safe after that gas explosion. That must have been so scary, but we are glad there was a happy ending to the story.

    Murray sounds like quite the character. We would love to get a paw shake from him. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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