The Felines Opine About The Pawscoo Cat Tree

Before we begin our review, there are some things our attorney’s insist we say.
Disclaimer: We were provided with a free product in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and are not influenced by the Pawscoo Cat Tree company, it’s affiliates and/or agents in any way.

We are pleased to announce that this product review was awarded a Certificate of Excellence and a Muse Medallion by the Cat Writer’s Association for the category, “Written Article, Product Review”

Alberto Opines

The Female Human got a HUGE box delivered to our house and of course, I had to snoopervise when she took all the items out. Once she had everything out of the box she took the pieces into the office where I continued my job as Chief Inspector and Snoopervisor. She sat on the floor and read out of a booklet she got with the box, mumbling to herself and putting all the pieces in an order that seemed to make sense to her.

Now let me tell you that our Female Human is not the greatest “put stuff together from instructions” kind of human. Still, I was impressed when she got what we now figured out to be a device just for kitties together in record time. She assembled it next to our existing cat tree. You will notice that she had two little problems. The first was figuring out how to get the round thingy attached (it’s on the left on the last shelf of our current cat tree). She made numerous attempts and she finally gave up. She also couldn’t figure out what the white piece of fabric was for. Still, considering her terrible record for putting stuff together, I’d say she did pretty well. I very much enjoyed the round furry toy hanging down (more on that later)

The Female Human left this new cat tree in the office for a while to see how all of us felines would react to it. Oliver and Lily weren’t that interested. This isn’t unusual for Ollie as he prefers not to haul his rotund little body up any vertical spaces. Lily did inspect it and hung out on the soft ledges.

As you can see, I made a beeline for that furry hanging ball. The Female Human left the office for a moment and when she returned, I’d already chewed through the cord that held the furry ball. Full disclosure here, I am a chewer and there are many things off limits to me. I just couldn’t control myself and, I am sorry to say, none of the other felines had a chance to play with the furry ball.

When the good folks at Pawscoo told The Human to pick out the product she wanted, she chose what seemed to be the sturdies one. This is because my brother and I are rather …uh,, large. I’m pushing 17 pounds (but, in my defense I am also very long). My brother is 20 pounds and he is just round (yes, our Human is working on his weight and she worries about it so please, no fat shaming). Despite the fact that we did get the 62″ large cat tree tower condo, it still shakes a bit when I run up and down it but it is sturdy and safe.

This is the cat tree we got. Aside from the fact that The Female Human couldn’t figure out how to get the round thing on, the rest looks like the photo. The shelves are so soft and comfy and there’s that pawsome rope stuff all over where we can sharpen our claws.

The Female Human left the new cat tree in the office for a while and then she decided she’d move it to the place where Jasmine lives now. (Jasmine was bullied and is now too fearful to come out into the rest of the house no matter how hard The Human tries to get her to re-integrate.) She felt that Jasmine might enjoy some environment enrichment and, since I come and visit I still could enjoy the new cat tree.

Of course, being the exceptionally helpful feline that I am, I had to show Jasmine how the cat tree works.

Speaking about my size as it relates to the cat tree. If I want to hang out on the lower shelf I often reach my paw out to the steamer trunk at the foot of the bed to steady myself.

No worries, just steadying myself a bit.

Jasmine opines about the new cat tree

Hello furineds, You can imagine that I was a bit bamboozled when The Female Human hauled this big thing with shelves into my hideaway. I sat for a while and watched Alberto frolicking on it but I preferred to explore it on my own. After The Human and Alberto left me alone I checked this intriguing thing out. I first tried out the place where I could hide from The Human and, since I’m so tiny I can make myself invisible in there!

Alberto was right. If I scoot all the way in the back The Female Human can’t get me to give me fluids!

It only took one day for me to figure out what a wonderful thing this cat tree is. I’m getting a bit of exercise and love getting on the top. I can sit on the soft furry ledges and watch the deer, racoons, squirrels and neighbor cats from my vantage point. Meowza I love this thing!

A note from The Human

The felines have allowed me some space in this review to share my thoughts. I was very impressed with the style of this cat condo and with the ease with which it can be put together. Even though I couldn’t figure out how to attach the round piece it is still fantastic without it. The hanging ball toy was an early casualty of Alberto but he’s a chewer and this is not the fault of the manufacturer. Al will obsessively chew through anything that is stretchy or plastic. I have to watch him like a hawk.

Finally, I fully acknowledge that I have a couple of cats that are far heavier and larger than the norm. Alberto is so long he can stretch himself up to my waist and Olliver, well he’s just a tubby fellow. If Alberto with his length and weight can enjoy the codo so much and, if it holds up to his crazy runs and jumps it says a lot about this product.

The most delightful thing that happened as a result of doing this review was Jasmine’s reaction to it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this condo would do so much for my 17-year old sweetie (who has kidney disease but is doing well with treatment).. It is keeping her more active and she loves investigating the different levels and giving her the opportunity to have some window watching adventures.. The design of the condo allows it to fit nicely in the space, I believe Jasmine feels as though she is now the queen of the neighborhood. It makes my heart smile to see her enjoying the cat tree and condo and is a reminder that our “super senior” kitties need some fun and distraction too. This product is thoughtfully made and all the different “stations” provide fun for curious felines. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to review it, as are Alberto and Jasmine.

Jasmine, Queen of all she surveys.

16 thoughts on “The Felines Opine About The Pawscoo Cat Tree

    • Good point although she does take the attitude that instructions are really only suggestions. Hence the round thingy that never got attached. If we felines had opposable thumbs we would have gotten it on!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


  1. That tree looks like the one I recently sent to my grandcat in Kentucky! He adores it! My son came home for lunch and spent it assembling a cat tree. It was a surprise gift. I have received lots of photos of my grandcat Morris hanging out and lounging. Good choice!

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