We interrupt this blog……

Hello Furiends,
We have some shameless self promotion to take care of. Today, The Human was notified that we received six Certificates of Excellence from the Cat Writer’s Association. These awards are now in the running for Muse Medallions and we will find out what happens at the virtual CWA conference in October.

We are very honored and excited and can’t believe that the one time we allowed The Human to opine on our blog, she won a Certificate of Excellence!

In one last exercise of self-indulgance, we are listing the work that received Certificates of Excellence.


WRITTEN ARTICLE: FELINE-HUMAN BONDIt’s Important to Say Goodbye – The Human Opines

 WRITTEN ARTICLE: ENTERTAINMENT – Oliver Opines About Legal Stuff

WRITTEN ARTICLE: PRODUCT REVIEWThe Felines Opine About The Pawscoo Cat Tree


And last but certainly not least, we are so excited to receive a Certificate of Excellence for our book, Are There Head Bonks in Heaven?

We are so excited and honored to receive these awards.

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