Oliver Opines on All Things Christmas – Friendly Fill Ins Week #135

Hello Furiends,
We’ve missed the Friendly Fill Ins for the past few weeks. That nasty bug that our Purrsonal Assistant got hung on for quite a while and she wasn’t moving as fast as usual. She did manage to get our second book finished so I guess we can’t meow about her work purrformance too much!

This is a blog hop so you can hop on over to our furiends at 15andmeowing or 
Four-Legged Furballs who are the hosts of the hop and join in the fun. If you prefer, you can opine about your fill in answers in the comment section of this blog.

Purrs & Head Bonks,

black and white cat Oliver

Here are this week’s fill in questions:

1. I really need to ___________________.
2. My favorite Christmas ( or Hanukkah) decoration is __________________________.

3. It’s beginning to look a lot like _________.
4. This time of year, I eat my fair share of _________.

Here are my answers:

1. I really need to think about slimming down this year.

I’ll start my diet..right after the holidays. -Oliver

2. My favorite Christmas decoration is anything that is shiny, hangs down at paw length and that I can swat. Sadly, The Female Human has foiled our efforts however and doesn’t put up a tree. She decorates spaces far too high for us to reach. What a kill joy!

How’s a cat supposed to swat at those shiny things when they’re up so high?”

3. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, of course!

Where’s the snow? Shouldn’t there be snow by now?

4. This time of year, I eat my fair share of any of the delicious holiday treats I can get my paws on (ham is  my favorite and a little cream is always appreciated). Sigh, and this answer is in direct contradiction to my response to question #1.

Oh hello there, do I smell turkey in the oven?

20 thoughts on “Oliver Opines on All Things Christmas – Friendly Fill Ins Week #135

  1. Meowser, Oliver, dear furiend! THINKING about a diet is fine …. I’m thinking, too. HOWEVER, it is much better to enjoy this time of year and all the treats we can get our paws on!

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  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins Oliver. You don’t need to lose weight, you are perfect. I am sorry you don’t get to have a tree to play with. XO

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  3. The holidays are not the right time to obsess about your weight. Actually, as a cat, you shouldn’t worry at all. We are perfect after all. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty (Human here – loved the first book – giving a copy to my daughter for Christmas)

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    • I think humans should bring Christmas cat treats to the office. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about their figures and we Felines would have a MUCH merrier Christmas!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


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