Oliver Celebrates Feline Friday

In the fall we get some GNARLY thunder and lightning storms around here. I am not a fan and prefer to crawl under something until the crashing and flashing is over! (Note the worried look on my face!)



27 thoughts on “Oliver Celebrates Feline Friday

  1. Oh you do look worried. I don’t like Thunder storms either there so loud and scary. Goodnight ….Spike from Scotland…..x😻🐾🐾🐾

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  2. Goodness! I, Marvelous have not heard thunder…well, just big jets as we are under an alternate flight path…but Ninja tells me thunder is terrifying! He is happy that we don’t seem to have much here in Vancouver.

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  3. You do look worried! Flynn didn’t like it and neither do I, so we would go and hide in the bedroom together until it was over. Eric loved it. He would sit in the window and watch the flashes. He used to enjoy watching fireworks in the distance too.


  4. Oliver isn’t along. I don’t like the loud thunderclaps and crack of lightening. I don’t mind a rumble of thunder, though. I do like the sound of rain falling. That always helps me to sleep well. We’re expecting some thunderstorms on Thursday. I hope it doesn’t move in until way into the night as I’d like for us to take a day trip to the mountains. That might be a good time with fewest tourists to contend with in my mountains. Why do they have show up? Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Have a furtastic weekend!


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