Lily is Thankful

Hello There Furiends,
Lily here. I am purrticipating in  Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am very thankful that The Humans have reserved a special room just for me. It has a great view to the garden below and a nice fan over the bed for hot days. I often hang out there and just think about things. You know, the important stuff cats think of like how long ’till dinner, when will The Female Human break out the catnip again or when will the next empty box arrive?”
I don’t understand though, why they call my room the “Guest Room”. Why don’t they just call it “Lily’s Room” and if any of those so called guests show up, just tell them they will be staying in Lily’s room!
Siamese cat on bed

18 thoughts on “Lily is Thankful

  1. You sure are pretty, Lily, but being a cat you probably already know that. What intriguing markings you have. You look fantastic with that decor and I don’t think anyone would dare think it was a mere guest room.

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  2. Aw Lily, your thoughts are so cute. We used to have a cat room in my husband’s old home where I never really lived, but sadly for our cat Barry I took that room in our new home (or my husband did).

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