Oliver Celebrates Black Cat Appreciation Day

black cat appreciation day

Hi There Folks,
Since I am the only Tribe of Five member who could even come close to qualifying as a black cat (or almost black cat) I am posting about some amazing black cats of Instagram. The Tribe did have a black cat named Buster who went over the Rainbow Bridge and he was quite the gent. I sent our purrsonal assistant out to find some pawsome black cat photos at #blackcatsofinstagram.  So put your paws together and celebrate our inky feline furiends!
Purrs & Head Bonks,
black and white cat Oliver

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29 thoughts on “Oliver Celebrates Black Cat Appreciation Day

  1. Oliver, Ms. Purrseiodon is now meowing about needing more computer time to write a tribute to Mr. M, who was our dearly beloved mostly black cat. I might humor her in a little while. When I was a child, I was ‘owned’ by BB (Boston Blackie) a huge house-panther and renowned hunter. Later, Mingus and Matsu, who were each well over 30 pounds. Mr. M at 10+ pounds seemed like a cozy lap model, but in his younger, feral days, he was a renowned hunter, too. Alas, Ms. Purrseidon is terrified of squirrels, and M’s health wasn’t good, so we are now considering live traps for those pests.
    Black cats are referred in Japan, which shows you just how smart the Japanese are.

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    • We may have mentioned this before but every time we see your name it makes us smile because we have a Lily Bug in our house (she’s a cuddle bug). I think we must make you an honorary member of The Tribe of Five❣️
      And yes, black cats rock!! Waving paw of friendship to Joel the brave.
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


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