What Big Eyes You Have

Hello World,

Lily here. The humans saw a photo on some cat site that featured a kitten with big, round eyes. There was a lot of discussion on the post with some humans declaring, “That is a cat under sedation.” 

Lily the Siamese Tortie cat with the big round eyesIt took the humans a while to realize, “Wait, Lily has big, round eyes!” (Sometimes the humans are a little slow). 

Yes, I do have big round eyes, that’s what makes me unique (along with my sorta’ tortie, sorta Siamese, sorta Calico markings). And I guarantee that I’m not under sedation!

So , if any of you felines out there have big, round eyes like mine, show me your pic’s and let’s celebrate our uniqueness!

Your friend,

Lily the Tortie Siamese mix cat with the big round eyes

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