Can’t a Cat Get a Little Relaxation?

Hello Folks,

Alberto here. It’s a tough life being the official spokespurrrson of the Kitty Cat Pawty. Sometimes a cat just needs to relax and watch a little TV. The problem is, the humans have total control of the little, black thing they refer to as the “clicker”.

img_2001They use this clicker to choose what appears on the flat, black screen. I happen to know there is interesting stuff that can be summoned on that screen. I’ve seen birds fly, people chasing balls and a guy with a guitar case who knows how to help kitties calm down (hmm, wonder if he could come and help me out with the stress of my job).

I’ve watched the humans work that clicker thing and I have surmised that opposable thumbs are not required so why don’t they give me a shot at selecting the nightly entertainment?  But nooooo, they call the shots and so I sit and wait to see at least one shark swim by as they watch something called “Shark Tank”.

Your friend,

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