Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 1/25

Happy Wednesday Furiends!

We’re excited here in our neck of the woods as The Human received her advance copies of the new Chicken Soup Book, “Lessons Learned from My Cat” Her story is on page 175 and is called “Miss P. and the Turkey”. Yes, another story about our Angel Miss P. I mean what about me, Oliver and Lily?! She just had a story about Miss P. published in October in The Cat and The Christmas Tree. Sheesh! But I do have to say, both books are great and they feature excellent authors (some are our Cat Writer’s Association furiends!)

The Human assures me that the mystery she is writing that features Oliver and I is almost done so I’ll stop meowing about our lack of representation until the book comes out. We shall see.

Our local moose (and I mean moose plural) are strolling around town again. The Human was on her way to church when she spotted this young fellow meandering down the street. She said to forgive the poor quality of the photo but she was driving and you don’t want to stop next to a big moose (they have bad tempers).

Lily was not in the mood for photos (I think she’s miffed that she’s not in The Human’s new mystery) so we have no photos to share of Lily this week. Oliver, on the other hand has been meowing about being ready for winter to be over and for a walk in the garden. In this photo The Human is telling him for the millionth time that these are silk flowers and they don’t smell.

Well, that’s it for our news, I hope all the news in your neck of the woods is wonderful!

Secret Door Reveals Cat’s Amazing Bedroom After Closet Transformation

The Human is quite fond of DIY projects and I must say, I’m a bit disappointed that she hasn’t tried this one.

One lucky feline’s humans went DIY above and beyond  and thousands of TikTok users and their felines are jealous.

Stella the cat’s video of her new, custom home has been viewed more than 3 million times. The magic of this project is that from the outside, her home looks like a bookcase but once you open the door, voila!

The gorgeous place includes cat themed wallpaper, scratching posts and a little screen in front of Stella’s bed so she has privacy.

If you’re looking to be inspired head on over and watch the viral video and I hope all you humans will be inspired to create a room every fabulous feline deserves!

Klepto cats steal almost anything, including a hamster!

You wouldn’t think a church minister could stir such ire but angry neighbors are demanding that she keep her thieving felines inside. The ill-gotten goods include a little girl’s ballet shoes, a dress and even a pet hamster.

Julie King,from Redmond, Oregon began to notice her cat’s thieving behaviors about two years ago. She collected all the purrloined goods, put it in a sack and put it on her neighbor’s doorstep.

It soon became clear however, that the cats weren’t just robbing the next door neighbor when two pink dance slippers showed up on her lawn on different days. The next door neighbor didn’t have a little girl. It appeared that these two cat burglars were expanding the boundaries of their crime spree.

After collecting the felines’ latest booty, Julie posted in a local Facebook group with photos and the stolen items and a promise to return the items to their owners.

Unfortunately, not everyone was amused by Catti and Cali’s escapades and some demanded that the cats be kept inside.

King said, “Most people are very good natured about it. My cats are definitely all indoor and outdoor. I have asked people that if they catch my cats in the house to please not hurt them. ‘These people must leave their windows or doors open for the cats to get in.. I don’t believe all this stuff was outside. In reference to the complaints she’d receive, she said, ‘I’m saying to people close your windows.’

This feline thinks it’s a bit of hubris to expect people to keep their windows closed to keep out thieving felines and I also worry a bit about the safety of these roaming cats. I would agree that they must be getting into people’s homes as I don’t think they encountered a wild hamster wandering around the neighborhood.

Shelter cat who went viral thanks to ‘sad and depressed’ photo is now helping other cats get adopted

I reported on a sad looking cat named Fishtopher in my November 30 Walk Through the Web Wednesday series. His original adoption photo is above.   As I noted, Fishtopher found a wonderful furever home and now he and his humans are giving back to other kitties.

A happy Fishtopher in his new home.

They parlayed his social media fame that garnered him 80,000 followers since Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center shared an image of him on petfinder.

Fishtopher was adopted and moved into his new home in Baltimore, Maryland on Thanksgiving day and since his adoption day,  he keeps in touch with all his Twitter fans (@mrfishtopher ) and posts photos and information about other cats that need a furever home. When any of these cats are adopted, the humans tag “Fishtopher the Cat” on his twitter page to announce that the feline has a furever home.

If you need some pawsitive news, I recommend you read some of these happy reports on Fishtopher’s Twitter feed.

It’s good news when a cat finds his furever home but it’s FANTASTIC news when that cat helps other cats find furever homes. Two paws up to Fishtopher and his humans!

YouTubes Top 10 Cat Videos of All Time

I don’t know that guy who put this video together and not sure what his criteria was to name these the top 10 videos but IMHO any cat video is a great video!

Cat and Cow are Besties

Major the cat and Daisy the cow have bonded and are best furiends. They regularly meet for cuddles in the morning.

A video of these two was first shared on social media social media by Brian, a student who lives with his mom in the countryside of Kenya.

The cat and cow have an adorable friendship and they regularly meet for cuddles in the morning

One morning, when he was milking, he shot the video, posted it to Reddit under the handle Weekly-Cycle-9405, and it’s earned over 20,000 upvotes which just goes to show you that people love a story of true furiendship.

16 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 1/25

  1. I loved reading The Cat And The Christmas Tree especially the story of Miss.P. look forward to Lessons Learned From My Cat. Especially looking forward to the book with everyone in it so exciting….Wow a Moose and so close very scary.. Enjoyed your blog but we never did manage to see the video of cats custom home. xx😻😻💗🐾🐾

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We are following Fishtopher and see how much he helps other kitties fin homes.

    We can’t wait to read your Mom’s mystery -have her let us know when we can pre-order it. (And why isn’t Lily in it ?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lily is meowing about the same question and she’s not happy. The Human said that two brother cats just fit better in this story. The Human is almost finished but then she she’s she has to get something called an “editor” and lots of other stuff before publication. Sounds like a lot of work to this feline!!


  3. Congratulations to your human, she’s a prolific author.

    Moose are not to be trifled with, although i am glad your human got to snap a quick photo.

    You can spray the silk flowers with natural scent so they’ll smell like they are real. That might help Oliver with his cabin fever.

    Love the stories, you find such good ones.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lot of fun mews…oops, news, today! I hope your Mom’s new book will be a huge success!

    Those thieving cats reminded me of the Rossini opera about The Thieving Magpie, MOL! Lets hope no one gets too upset with hem…but I sure wish they would stay in their own house. Maybe with a cat-proofed yard!

    Liked by 1 person

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