Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 1/18

Happy Wednesday Furiends!

I hope that things in your neck of the woods are going well. We had a bit of a mishap here when The Human received our kibble order (weight management, salmon flavor, 10 pounds for $57.00) -yes we know it’s expensive but we’re worth it! Anyway, as we danced around the empty kibble bowls we quickly realized that the company had made some changes to our food…AND THEY DIDN’T ADVISE US IN ADVANCE! Oliver and I were horrified and showed our disdain for this different tasting food by scratching next to the bowl and walking away. Can you believe The Human did not replace this food and keeps pouring it in our bowls every morning? The nerve! This is my expression of disapproval.

Oliver figured he’d look for something else to eat and decided to bug The Human as she ate her “keto” ice cream. Little did Oliver know that she wasn’t eating some sugary, creamy rich dessert. Good grief Human, why bother??

Lily was feeling a bit dramatic and asked The Human to take some photos of her with a little drama. We all decided The Human needs to spring for a purrfessional as her photography skills are wanting.

I hope your eating and photography endeavors were more successful than ours! And now it’s time for the best of the feline news on the web!

Look inside the strange and wonderful “Mewseum” of cats within this fellow’s home

Shawn Redner from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin scours second-hand and antique shops for cat statues. Now he and his wife have thousands of  cat figurines. So many in fact, that they’re now on display at their Rescued Cat Figurine Mewseum where people can visit. They ask for donations and 100% of those donations are given to feline rescues. So far they’ve been able to donate $3,000.00.

Paws up to this couple who turned a hobby into a good deed and head bonks to them for having 10 adopted felines in their home.

Vietnam goes feline for the Year of the Cat

2023 is the Year of The Cat and, if you want to be somewhere where they really celebrate, we recommend Vietnam. There are cat statues going up all over the country and most of them are HUGE!

Meowza, make sure you click on the link and see all the amazing kitty statues!

Cats’ ability to land on their feet could help humans walk better after spinal cord injuries

We talented felines contribute so much to society and here’s just one more thing. The University of Sherbrooke has been conducting studies on our ability to turn in mid air and land on our feet to see if there are hints as to how to help humans steady themselves.

Professor Alain Frigon and his colleague conducted research to see if there was something they could learn to help seniors whose sense of balance is becoming more precarious.

Frigon said that although humans “have a much more sensitive, much more important control of balance” than quadrupeds, the circuitry as such” remains the same.

“It’s just that there are additional mechanisms” in humans, said Frigon, whose laboratory is interested in gait control and the basic principles of gait recovery after spinal cord injuries, among other things, by trying to unlock the secrets of the central nervous system.

In collaboration with researchers from the American universities Georgia Tech and Drexel, Frigon wanted to better understand how somatosensory feedback allows the cat to coordinate the movement of its four legs.

Such work could one day lead, to the development of electrical stimulation of the spinal cord to facilitate somatosensory feedback, and, thus, walking.

Meowza, how cool is it that by studying the agility of felines science could help humans walk better?

Man Lures Cats Into Photoshoots Using Catnip and the Results Are ‘Genius

A photographer has been hailed as a “genius” online by cat lovers who are impressed with his tactics for capturing images.

Nils Jacobi sprayed catnip all over his glass dining-room table before getting underneath with his camera to snap the cats in action. Fritz, 14, Kleine, 10, Frederic, and Lissy, both 4, can be seen rolling all over the glass and pulling funny facial expressions.

Jacobi, from Langenfeld, Germany, takes photos of cats for a living, He told Newsweek: “I love their independence and their curiosity. From a photographic point of view, I am fascinated by cat tongues in particular.”

Jacobi shared a video of the photoshoot to his TikTok account @furryfritz and it has more than 21 million views.

Too bad we don’t have a glass table so The Human could get some new, interesting photos of us.

Cat sneaks into Victoria police officer’s cruiser

A Victoria police officer returning to his cruiser after an impaired driver stop found an unlikely surprise waiting for him inside his vehicle. The unauthorized entry was caught on video. Way to go Officer Kitty!

11 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 1/18

  1. We agree that it is terrible that your cat fuds got changed without letting you – or apparently anyone – know it. It’s not like cats will eat just anything !
    The catnipped cats were great !


  2. Sory about the food. That is so wrong. You need to sneak online to Chewy and place an order. I would love to go to that museum. XO


  3. Darn. We hate “new and improved” food when the old stuff was just the way we like it!

    That’s fascinating about the studies of cats’ agility to help humans with spinal cord injuries. And those catnip photos are tops!


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