#RememberMeThursday -The Felines Celebrate Their Adoptions -2022

Hey there furiends, We are excited to share our video for #RememberMeThursday as we shine a light on pet adoption and share our stories. You’ll get to hear the official song too! And don’t forget to check out our contest too.

And here’s this years contest.
The theme is “That Was Then, This Is Now” and we want to see the pawsome transformation from our adopted furiends from before adoption to today. And even if you we3re adopted off the street or the front porch of the house you went to you qualify. Send us a photo collage or a couple of photos with a short explanation about your transformation to FelineOpines@gmail.com. The winner will receive a $50.00 gift card for their shelter from Chewy, our 3 Feline Opines Books and a copy of the new compilation book (The Human has a story in it) called “The Cat In The Christmas Tree”.

We hope you’ll purrticipate and remember to spread the word about adoption! #RememberMeThursday #SeeTheLight

10 thoughts on “#RememberMeThursday -The Felines Celebrate Their Adoptions -2022

    • Absolutely you qualify and we’re glad you brought this up because we just had our Purrsonal assistant change the verbiage in the blog. Whether you’re adopted off the street or the front porch you show up at, you’re adopted and a human have you a furever home!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

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  1. We bottle raised hundreds of kittens over 30+ years, and even we still have a couple of our “foster fails” here. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    Our Runty was one of those runts of the litter that was always hungry and grew to huge proportions. That happens, too.

    We wouldn’t have pictures, but the best transformation for us was Tripod SissyCat. As a kitten, she was pulled off the street by some neighbors whose kids were friends with my kids. She was mostly feral at 3 months of age and grew up to be so mean the child who had taken her was scared to death of her.

    She would bite and claw, and was so tough that when she was five, she got in a tangle with a German shepherd and that’s how she became a Tripod. After the dog took her leg off, she ran home and clawed her way under the trailer they’d moved to at that time, digging through the insulation and climbing up inside.

    They dug her out through the floor, took her to the vet, and all he could do was fill her with antibiotics and sew her up and tell them she’d recover or not. She recovered and was still nasty enough to try to go after dogs.

    When the young lady who had her was moving, she called my son and asked if we could “keep the cat while they moved, she’d come back for her in two weeks.” As i told my boy, she won’t come back, and she didn’t. Tripod SissyCat fought with all our other cats and clawed or bit us when we went near her, but we kept telling her she was loved and she was home and she wasn’t going anywhere.

    After being here about a year, she got out of the house and ran back to the part of the neighborhood where she’d been born. When her first family wasn’t there, she came back, and over the next few months she quit biting, quit scratching, and became the sweet love she is now. She even gets along with Coda, our daughter’s German shepherd!

    She spends hours every day sleeping on the porch or sunning herself in our bathroom, and no longer bites or scratches. The only cat she fights is Enigma SissyCat, who was named for her, and who is as mean to other cats as Tripod SissyCat used to be. We keep them separated.

    There’s nothing like letting a cat know you aren’t going to give up on it no matter what to help it become the wonderful pet it can be.

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  2. All three of you sure did a nice job speaking on camera! Oliver and Alberto, we loved your adoption story! It reminds us of when we adopted our Angels Gracie and Zoe. We fostered them, and when the shelter called to say someone was interested in adopting them, and that we should bring them in to be shown, we were like, “um, no … we would like to adopt them ourselves, please.” Yup. Foster failures! 🙂


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