Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 9/21

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday!
We are busy here in our neck of the woods getting ready for our #RememberMeThursday celebration and contest which is why our local news is a bit thin today.

This is one of our favorite celebrations as it honors adoption and brings awareness about orphaned cats (and other animals). The good folks at Helen Woodward Animal Center created this event that is now world-wide.

“Changing one mind can save a life.”

Helen Woodward Animal center

We will be doing another contest to celebrate this event so check us out tomorrow for the details and in the meantime, share the news about #RememberMeThursday to #SeeTheLight about pet adoption.

Let’s take a look at this week’s feline news.

Cat can’t stop eating corn

Since my brofur Oliver has some strange food tastes I couldn’t resist this one. I did do some research about corn and found some good info at catvetinfo.com.

Cats can eat corn and it has a high amount of fiber (helps digestion and regulates bowel movement). It also creates a sense of fullness so if you have any CHONKY cats at your house adding a little corn might make them feel fuller for a longer time and cause them to eat less. But, be careful because corn is full of carbs and we felines don’t digest carbs well and the carbs in corn is sugar and that can cause higher blood sugar levels that could put your corn eating kitty in danger of having cardiovascular and heart disease if he eats too much corn.

In general, according to the article, steamed corn and corn on the cob, IN MODERRATION and without any butter, salt or other things you put on  your corn, are an okay snack for adult felines (not kittens) and some of us are crazy for it, like our furiend in the video.

And believe it or not, some cats love to chew on corn stalks!

Deaf Cat’s Protective Gesture Toward Blind Cat Absolutely Melts Our Hearts

Oh my whiskers, if this story doesn’t bring a tear to your eye you have a cold heart.

They call him ‘gramps’ for a reason.

Gramps the cat, at TikTok known as @grampsthecat is a wonderful furiend and care giver to his blind buddy. These cats have already had to overcome challenges. Gramps buddy, Helen, is blind and Gramps is deaf. But now, these two unrelated cats have a bond that mimics what siblings do for each other. The owner showed what Gramps does if anyone gets too close to Helen and it’s precious. It’ll completely melt your heart when you see it!  

Watch the video and see how Gramps puts his paw on her. And kudos to the humans who adopted Gramps, a senior cat, and deaf and Helen who is blind. There is a special place in heaven for humans who give special needs and elderly cats a forever home!

Woman Going For A Jog Finds A Meowing Stray Cat

This lady just wanted to go fur a run and ended up with a feline in her life. She was concerned to bring the kitty home because her Corgi hates cats. Well, watch what happens when they meet. You can follow Gritty and Tyrion on Instagram.

Caught on camera: Missing cat rings family’s doorbell

This is not a video, please see below for the video link

This should put an end to those rude comments about cats being dumb. Meet Lily, an 8-year old kitty who enjoyed exploring but always came home after her exploring ventures were over.

After Lily’s humans moved to a new neighborhood in Mastic Beach, N.Y., Lily – unfamiliar with the area – went missing after about two weeks.

On about the fourth day she was missing, the family was at home and their Ring doorbell rang. It was pretty late so the humans were a little nervous until they checked the Alexa screen to see who was at the door. There was Lily waiting to be let inside! You can see the video here.

So there you go. When we felines stare at you and watch what you’re doing, we’re storing that info!

SPCA sponsors adopt-a-rama for black cats

Despite what tradition says, black cats bring good luck. They also represent prosperity and good luck in other parts of the world! For instance: 

* In Scotland, if a black cat appears on your doorstep, it is seen as a sign of prosperity.

* In the south of France, black cats are referred ‘magical cats’ and, according to local folklore, feeding and treating them well will bring good luck to the owner.

* Owning a black cat in Asia is considered lucky

* In parts of England, a black cat as a wedding gift is thought to bring good luck to the bride.

* In northern Europe, taking in and caring for a black cat can ensure fair weather and safe passage during voyages on the sea.

* If you hear a black cat sneeze in Italy, you’re in for a streak of good luck.

* Black cats are a symbol of good luck in Japan and if someone sees a black cat crossing their path, they say ‘konichiwa’ and take control of their own luck.

Black cats have a bad rap and around Halloween, there are humans who seek to harm them (our local shelter does not allow adoptions right before Halloween).  Black cats are so pawsome. Our Angel Buster was an amazing and beautiful green-eyed, silky long haired sweet guy. Do yourself a favor and give a black a forever home.

16 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 9/21

  1. Another wonderful post ! We especially enjoyed the two deaf/blind cats (one of our kitties is havin eye problems right now) and the kitty finding the new house and ringing the doorbell was priceless. Maybe like a lot of us who are moved by something we don’t control. he only wanted to go back to his old home for a last visit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We’re huge black cat fans here, so we loved that story lots. We also loved the ones about Lily on the Ring cam and Grams and Helen (SO sweet). Oh and the corn-eating cat? Priceless!

    We’re off to put together our Remember Me Thursday post. See you tomorrow! XO

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My angel Sammy loved corn on the cob- and we don’t even put butter on it. I had made a youtube video of him but it didn’t go viral. Glad black cats are being put in the spotlight for adoption. XO

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great news once again.
    Us pups are shelter pups, though not from the same ones.
    Petcretary loves black cats, litl panthers they are:)

    Our Pipo & Suki were seal pointed meezers, that was as close to black as meezers can be, LOL!!
    (*She* is allergic to zll but orientals, not sure why, maybe their proteins are different?)


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