Walk Through The Web Wednesday – June 1

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
Now that the weather is getting warmer and there are sightings of lots more critters in our neck of the woods, I thought I’d share a few pics (you may have seen a few of these before) There is always something exciting to see from our windows and other areas of our town. I hope you all have some fun things to see in your neck of the woods.

The trash pandas are bold and will walk along the railing of the upstairs deck and stare into the dining room windows. The Human tells us to ignore them but I want assurances that they can’t get to our kibble!
And when the adults don’t manage to score a snack, they send up the little ones to try and charm The Human.

And when the crafty critters can’t score a treat upstairs they head downstairs and try to convince one of The Tribe to let them in. This is our Angel Tucker having a heart to heart with one of the resident trash pandas.
begging squirrel
The trash pandas aren’t the only ones with attitude and a demanding demeanor.
And when they’re not demand they’re lazy, really lazy! This photo was takenfrom a safe distance on the upstairs deck.
And if we get tired of the critter viewing at home, all we have to do is have The Human bundle us up and take us into town.

That’s a little glimpse into come of the wildlife that shows up at our house (we have been able to see moose strolling by our house too). What kind of critters do you get to view from your windows?

Pororo, Indonesian feline sensation lost – and then found

Feline fans in Indonesia of the nattily attired feline, Pororo were devastated when his human announced he had gone missing. Thankfully, he was found a day later in a factory, perched on an iron trellis.

Now if you haven’t heard of Pororo, he and his brofur Poby are famous meowdels for their human’s fashion business on her TikTok page, @cicichania96. 

Poro is a mellow British shorthair and Persian mix who seems to love to be dressed up and often snoozes during his human’s TikTok live streams.

Thank goodness all is well in the feline fashion world in Indonesia and Pororo is safe at home, adding new ensembles to his wardrobe. You can follow him on Instagram or visit his human’s shop.

Guy And Cat Have Been Inseparable For 23 Years

This is the feline version of a Hallmark movie and is guaranteed to bring out an “awwwwww” in you.  You can follow Lily’s love story with her human on Instagram ,TikTok and her You Tube Channel.

Man sues Sainsbury’s for banning his assistance cat Chloe

A human named Ian Fenn and his assistance cat Chloe were refused entry into a local supermarket and they are now ready to make legal history.  Fenn is autistic and has trained his cat to be support for him. His argument is that because Chloe prevents sensory overload for him and helps him function, she should be treated the same way a guide dog is treated or any other animal trained to help someone cope with day to day life.

Fenn was refused entry into a store in south  London and told by security and staff that he would have to leave the cat outside and that only assistance dogs were allowed in the company’s stores.

Fenn has an attorney who specializes in disability discrimination cases and who stated, “There are plenty of cases about guide dogs being refused access to places or services but there hasn’t really been any judicial exploration of what constitutes an assistance animal if it’s not a dog.”

Hospitals, shops and hotel chains have allowed Fenn, a product designer from south London, to bring Chloe along for assistance. The black cat is on a lead when he takes her to shops and wears a fluorescent yellow “service cat” jacket. She typically sits on Fenn’s shoulders as he walks around.

“Chloe accompanies me to hospital, GP, and blood donation appointments,” Fenn tweeted. He says that Chloe helps him manage daily life. “I get sensory overload in busy environments and tend to shut down. But with Chloe I can focus on her, he told the BBC.

This feline thinks it’s a shame that there are people who don’t recognize that cats can be valid emotional support and/or therapy felines. The Human wrote an article about this on her cat behavior blog called, “My Emotional Support is My Cat.” What do you think about the controversy of therapy/support cats?

Heroic Cats up for National Cat Award in UK

This year’s National Cat Awards, organized by the largest cat charity in the UK, Cat’s Protection celebrate the bond between cats and their humans.

Spuds, a former stray may have saved the lives of six people including a newborn baby, when he raised the alarm as deadly smoke engulfed the family home on Christmas Eve. He jumped repeatedly on his human Brendan’s chest to wake him up when dripping fat from a turkey in the oven created plumes of smoke.

Another contender for the title is Archie. His human, Maddy has needed life saving dialysis to remove deadly toxins from her body. Five times a week she connects to a machine for up to seven hours, all under the close watch of her medical snoopervisor Archie. Archie cuddles up with Maddy and keeps her company for the long hours of the dialysis.

The third finalist in the most caring cat category is Misty. Misty’s human Coral was a teenager when a painful condition left her bedridden and unable to walk. But she always had a loyal friend by her side – Misty. When Coral learned to walk again, Misty would appear whenever she heard Coral’s crutches – a friendly face to cheer her on. Six years later Misty is there to encourage Coral to walk and to keep her calm as she suffers post-traumatic stress disorder.

The award announcements will be made for all the categories,- Cat Colleagues, Furr-ever Friends, Most Caring Cat, and Outstanding Rescue Cat. in August. The winners will receive a trophy and a pet store voucher of 200 Pounds Sterling (about $250.00 USD) and a year’s subscription to Cats Protection, The Cat, magazine.

Party to celebrate bookstore cat’s retirement

Even working cats reach an age of retirement and this was the case for Loganberry Books bookstore’s feline employee Otis.  Otis has worked at the store as a professional greeter for 10 years. The store owner, Harriet found him as a stray kitten who she said, “very loudly demanded a job in book sales.”

Since then, Otis has amassed quite a fan base. The store even  has a special gift section during the holidays called “Otis’ Old Curiosity Box”.

A grand retirement celebration was held for Otis that featured a fundraiser for the local shelter. Otis will spend his golden years enjoying sun puddles and being loved and having his diabetes treated at home.

Dubai street cat is living the American dream on Instagram

Good grief, kitty meowdels seem to be a thing this week. Benson, the photogenic gray tabby has more than 251,000 Instagram followers under the handle a_street_cat_named_benson.” His human Zoe Mansuri says he  “does quite well for himself financially,” (Hmm, note to self, reach out to Benson and see how this feline blogger can make a few bucks!).

Benson hasn’t always lived the high life. He was a scrawny, tiny street cat that was rescued from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and brought to the States. He is now living his best life in Baltimore, Maryland, and has a wardrobe any fancy feline would envy. He has more than 250 outfits and his human purges his closet annually and donates the discarded items to charity.

No matter what ensemble he sports, he rocks the look. Benson, you are truly a rags to riches story!

20 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday – June 1

  1. Ugh ! Trash pandas – dpn’t get us started ! We don’t mind the possums; theoutdoor cats deter the squirrels – and we haven’t seen any moose. There are coyotes, but they aren’t after the kibble..
    Great stories as usual ! We loved sweet Lily and her human !

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Human learned quickly about the trash pandas, they don’t go away, they just invite their friends and family to come over too. We didn’t want to end up with a trash panda sanctuary!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


  2. Wow, you sure do have an amazing variety of critters at your place. As long as they don’t eat your kibble, we suppose it is all good. 🙂

    As always, the stories you found are terrific. We loved the video of Lily and her daddy. What a long and special bond they have. As for whether or not cats can be great emotional support animals — they most certainly can!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lots of critters at your place!
    We have bears wander into our town, though not right at our place. I’ve seen coons, possums, skunks, ground hogs, various turtles including a huge snapper, several varieties of snakes, skinks, crawdads, gophers, moles, muskrats, chipmunks, deer, a myriad of bird species, red foxes and coyotes, though we haven’t seen them right here in a long time…
    Phew, a zoo!!

    Interesting news articles, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beware of those raccoons! Mom was feeding a stray, and a raccoon would come at night and steal the food. (And wash his dirty feet in the water.) Our human sister’s therapist certified her cat as a therapy cat, but she hasn’t really taken Onyx anywhere. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

    Liked by 1 person

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