Are Cats Happy in Apartments?

Hey there furiends,
The Human was asked to contribute to an article by the good folks at so the FBD (Feline Board of Directors) at FelineOpines voted to allow her some space on our blog to share the article with all of you.

There are a number of her #Cat Writer’s Association furiends who share their knowledge as well. If you’re a kitty that resides in an apartment or have a furiend who does, there are some good ideas here. I purrfer to enrich my environment with a short stroll in the garden or a tour through the neighborhood in the cat stroller. What does your human do for you to get you some fresh air?

Click on the image above or here to read the full article.

11 thoughts on “Are Cats Happy in Apartments?

  1. if you have a balcony, maybe some of it could be transformed in to a cat run. Or even a combined cat/human enclosed outdoor space.

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  2. Looking good, Oliver! It depends upon the cat, we think. My angel kitty Graphite and I lived in a small apartment, and he was so happy. We did have lots of windows with window perches so he had lots of entertainment and sunpuddles.

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