9 thoughts on “Think Lost Not Stray!

    • My Human also says that the humans need to keep the microchip info updated. We have so many microchipped lost felines in our community and they still have old addresses, many from out of state!
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  1. When we lost Chuck many years ago, I didn’t research first, but rather walked the entire neighborhood. With no results, I finally sat down to read online, and discovered that as a mostly indoor cat with a few trips outside, he was probably within a one or two houses from home, and that when the sun started to set, he’d feel safe enough to come out. And that’s what happened! I sat on the driveway with a bag of treats, and left the front door open. Chuck ran inside, and I didn’t even see him, but The Hubby yelled.
    Am grateful to for info found online, and this post is wonderful!

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    • I agree, running the lost pet social media group in my community I am constantly frustrated with people’s attitudes about lost cats. I live in a mountain resort area where dogs are more prevalent and cats get short shrift.

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