Walk Through The Web Wednesday 11/10

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,

I hope your week has been purrfectly wonderful! Not much happening in our neck of the woods except The Human has been constantly meowing about how busy she is. Really? All she has to do is keep our water bowls (and kibble bowls) filled, give us evening treats and morning wet foo breakfast, clean our litter boxes and give us skritches and play with us. Whatever she does outside of the house is of no consequence to us.

To illustrate how bad the service has been, take a look at this photo. This Chewy box had been sitting on the counter since the delivery human brought it in the morning. I had to wait until The Human arrived home in the evening to obtain access to all the goodies inside, including the catnip. This is unacceptable!

“I have been forced to sit on this box and protect it all day. The service is lacking here!”

Oliver spent some quality time discovering grapes. In the end, he decided he’d rather have Temptations treats!

Lily couldn’t be bothered to put in any camera time this week but she does send you all purrs & head bonks,

Ollie, Lily and I (and The Human) all wanted to thank and remember our veterans.

Okay, let’s purruse the feline news of the week.

She brought tiny foster cats into her office at a retirement home. Residents found out — and kitten therapy began

All it took to get Estelle Nicol out of her funk was to introduce her to some kittens. The business manager of the home Estelle lived in arrived at work one morning with a box full of foster kittens (take note humans, you may want to try this at  your work).

She set up a feline playpen in her office and soon the residents heard about the kitten nursery and they stopped by to see the little guys.

The business manager checked to make sure none of the residents had cat allergies and when everyone was “good to go” she opened her door to kitten visitors.

Those furry, purry little creatures brought so much happiness to people. Residents who had been depressed began to be happier when they picked up a kitten. (We cats are just magical that way).Soon the home started kitten therapy days and now, three years later, the little kittens are continuing their work, helping people by brightening their day and offering large doses of purr therapy.

The kittens benefit too. By bringing the foster kittens in and having the residents hold them and play with them, the little guys are getting socialized and ready for their furever homes.

This is definitely what you would call a “win- win” situation!

A Red Cross for cats?

Did you know that kitty blood donors are often needed at many veterinary hospitals to help cats that may have blood loss during surgery, suffer trauma from being hit by a and suffer other serious injuries. And where does this blood come from? Well, volunteer feline blood donors, of course.  Before they donate, they are screened for disease and, with a clean bill of health they can give blood as often as every six weeks.

Now I’m not a huge friend of the stabby place but our purrrticular one is a fearless practice so I’m pretty chill when I go there. Blood donors are lightly sedated before they give  approximately 40 milliliters of the lifesaving fluid. If you are a feline that would like to find out more about this, have your human talk to your vet. There may even be feline blood banks in your area. We cats have three blood types, Type A is most common, Type B is less common and Type AB is rare.

There is a website that is a National Blood Transfusion Service that helps veterinarians connect with potential cat blood donors. The service is free to vets and cat parents.

I’m not sure whether I’d be brave enough to do this but it sure sounds like a wonderful idea.  What do you think?

Parents throw epic quinceañera for their cat’s 15th birthday

These parents threw an awesome quinceañera for their cat’s 15th birthday and this feline is always in favor of a cat pawty!

The video of the quineañera (a Latin American celebration for a girl’s 15th birthday) her parents threw for their 15-year-old cat, Plomita, and it looked like one epic bash

The clip begins with a shot of Meli’s father, holding Plomita, sitting at the dining room table decked out with cat-themed party favors and a centerpiece made out of yarn balls and cat food tins. A “Happy Birthday!” banner hangs in the background, with cats in the shape of each letter. 

Plomita, decked out in a miniature denim jacket and pink tutu, sits comfortably in her father’s lap, devouring a cat treat. The clip then cuts to a shot of Plomita seated on the table wearing a new outfit featuring a floral-printed blue dress with a pink flower around her collar while her human parent showers her with affection.

19 Spoiled Cats Who Are Living Better Lives Than You

Humans, if you haven’t built your cat a ramp to get to his favorite window in the house, or built your feline a custom Scandinavian bed or provided your cat with a “boat” so he can join you in the hot tub, you may be a slacker!

Internet Backs Man Evicting His Girlfriend After She Kicked His Cat Out


Allow me to say my faith in humanity has been restored with this one.

A human named Aman has received widespread support after evicting his girlfriend who kicked his indoor cat outside.

The human adopted Raven, his kitty three years ago and had been dating the heartless girlfriend two years. One day he came home and Raven was gone and Raven never went outside. Thankfully a friend recognized Raven and brought him back home hours later.

When he asked his girlfriend about the cat being outside (a cat that had never shown any interest in going outside) she admitted she kicked him out. What a despicable human, I hiss in her direction!

The girlfriend was told she had a month to find a new place who cried and said she had nowhere to go and would end up living on the streets (oh, like the poor feline you kicked out?)

One commenter pointed out the horrendous timing of the decision as she ” threw out an indoor BLACK cat during Halloween season- Shelters don’t even let people adopt black cats this time of year…”

17 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 11/10

  1. I am glad sweet Raven was chosen over the evil girlfriend. I had a 16th birthday party for Joanie and Sammy last month, but there were only 6 of us humans in attendance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My humans have been busy, too, Alberto. You are right … who cares what they do outside the house? Their most important jobs are tending to our whims and needs!

    Oliver, you be careful with those grapes, okay? They are not good for kitties.

    We love that kitten therapy program in Anaheim Hills, CA. And good for Raven’s dad for giving hius stupid and heartless girlfriend out. What she did is unconscionable. She is lucky Aman even gave her a month.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Human didn’t let Oliver eat the grapes, for some reason he only wanted to pull the stems out and chew on them.

      We agree that nasty female human doesn’t deserve love, from felines or humans!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OLIVER ! Grapes and raisins are poisonous to kitties (and woofies too !) Please stick to kitty treats !
    We especially loved the fosters and the old folks and the quincieanero stories. ood for the guy dumping his girlfriend too. Animal cruelty is often a very big red flag !

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Human only let Oliver pull out the grape stems to get the photos and then whisked them out of his reach. Oliver has a food problem and believes he must snoopervise everything The Human eats!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


  4. Keep the grapes for the humans, Oliver!! Though the ‘branches’ must have been interesting fare. Nip is WAY better!

    I just love that idea of kitten therapy. Maybe we should try a ‘program’ like that where I work. We used to have a CEO with a pup, trained to be a therapy pup, but he went to a different facility. Kittens seem to always be available at the many shelters around here. There is even a facility with a resident kitty…wish it was at ours, LOL!

    Phooey on peeps who think kitties can just be tossed out…gads:(

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The problem with thinking what the service human does outside the home is irrelevant is you do not understand green papers. In order to get food, litter, or anything at all from Chewy, the humans have to give them green papers. In order to get green papers, the human has to do the outside the house stuff to earn them. So if the human quit the outside the house stuff, there’d be no green papers and soon no food or anything. It’s weird, but it’s true. TANSTAAFL — There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

    It’s good that Oliver didn’t like the grapes, the vet says no grapes for cats and dogs, or raisins, either. They can cause all kinds of problems.

    We are slackers here, but there’s that thing about the wonderful luxuries taking more green papers than we have available. Maybe if you didn’t need so much litter, we could afford some of that stuff. Maybe.

    Taking kittens to work sounds like a great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That woman should be charged with animal cruelty, plus, if they live in a state where pets are considered ‘household goods’, he could sue for damages!
    I love that the retirement home is fostering kittens; who doesn’t feel better with a wee kitten in their lap.

    Liked by 1 person

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