Rosie Chats!

Hello There Furiends,
Oliver here. I am excited to introduce our Cat Chat guest for this week, Rosie from 15andmeowing. Rosie talks about some cool things and we wanted to share links to some of the thing she discusses. The book her mom wrote, called, “I Am Not A Skunk!” looks great (and her mom wrote another book called “Prancie’s Prayer” which our Angel Tucker reviewed.)

Rosie is also a member of The Tabby Cat Club. Rosie mentioned some of her favorite feline YouTube videos and we found links for two of them, White String Video, and The Red String video.

Okay folks, put your paws together and give our furiend Rosie a big welcome!

15 thoughts on “Rosie Chats!

  1. Rosie we enjoyed your presentation today! What a lovely home you and your fellow kitties have; and what nice books your Mom wrote, we enjoyed them too! We can also see why you like those string videos!

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  2. Thank you so much for featuring my very chatty Rosie. Glad she didn’t give out too many family secrets other than Emmy being a hoarder. 🙂 XO

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