The Tribe Opines about how to celebrate Anti-Boredom month

The Tribe at FelineOpines wants to help you fight off boredom so they’ve put together some suggestions to keep you free of ennui.

Discover Your Inner Chef – Explore The Kitchen: Learn to Cook or Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

Discover Your Hidden Talents -Decorating, Writing, Media, etc.

If I move that flower a little more to the right I will have achieved Feng Shui

Take a stroll, sniff the air, find a sun puddle

I am king of my neck of the woods!

Tired of the toys you have? Get some new ones or create your own.

And don’t forget to dream!

16 thoughts on “The Tribe Opines about how to celebrate Anti-Boredom month

  1. When I was a kid, the one thing NOT to say was “I’m bored!” My Mom would have you fixed up with a sponge and a bucket in no time, and ordered to do some boredom-busting fun like scrubbing down the kitchen cabinets, or cleaning the bathtub. No “boredom” at the Christensen house! We also had (at peak Cat) 45 or so cats to amuse, be amused by, and care for. And, of course, you could always avoid boredom (and scrubbing) by draping yourself across a rocking chair with one of the volumes of our set of Encyclopediae. I’m pretty sure I read all 24 volumes all the way through!

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  2. LOVE the photos! By the way, our cats just got a new litterbox cabinet! It is in the diningroom, of all places. It looks like a lovely piece of furniture but when you open the cabinet doors there is a large litterbox inside with a compartment for the litter supply, we use Slide, and the gigantic scooper. The entrance cannot be seen from the room so visitors have no clue what is inside.

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