Thankful Thursday

It was a hard day for our Human as she sat at the computer, typing and crying. We felines were concerned (she’s done quite a bit of the leaky-eyed thing in the last two weeks.). She told us they were happy tears we were quite confused. Evidently humans get leaky eyes when they’re happy and sad. Weird!

This is the first day she could read all the wonderful condolence messages from all of you and send responses (she’s still working on it) and we are all so thankful for the wonderful, loving, understanding and compassionate furiends we have.

She’s getting back to her old self (thank goodness because she was a bit of a Debbie Downer-no offense meant to anyone named Debbie) so THANK YOU ALL for your messages.

14 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Thank goodness for happy tears! I was afraid something bad had happened! I know you are still missing Tucker so badly. I still weep over EACH of my cats that have passed away even after 60 years have passed. I still remember them all, each and every one of them. I will truly have a herd of cats in paradise.

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