Walk Through The Web Wednesday 7/31

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,


Momma and babies waiting for their daily hand out.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer. It’s lovely in our neck of the woods and all the forest creatures are showing up with their babies. The deer with the two little fawns is hard for The Female Human to capture with her camera. The foliage down in the ravine covers her very well. The Human did get a shot of the raccoon who comes to beg at the downstairs slider every evening. She comes every summer and eventually introduces her babies to us when they’re old enough.

Things are fine with us. Summer is here. The Female Human’s ulcer is healing nicely and we are beginning to get used to having a dog in the house.


I hope you enjoy my web wanderings this week and enjoy your summer!







A streetcar cat’s life lessons


A very clever human noted that this street car riding cat had some life lessons to teach us all. Things like  seize any opportunity to mix and mingle with nice people.  Also, being anchored for safety on a moving vehicle is also important.  Lean into life’s pleasures (like when a nice human gives you an ear scratch on the streetcar). You humans should take a page from street car cat’s book!

Meet ‘Cat-chelors’, men who believe cats take pressure off finding a partner


All you single ladies take note.  A new study from Itchpet.com has found that single men who own cats (called Cat-chelors) believe living with cats takes the pressure off having to find a partner.

The rise of cat-owning males singles revealed that one in four cat-chelors thinks their cat has taken the pressure off being single as cats are very good company.

Another 29% like having their cat around as they are ‘good to talk to’, and half believe their feline helps ‘keep them calm’.

One in 10 even went as far to say their cat offered ‘counsel’ through an emotional break-up.

One in four think their feline helps them come across as a more loving person, and one in six believe their cat has helped them get more dates. These men have also said that a woman who does not love cats will probably be a woman they don’t ask for a second date.

The Female Human has always said, “real men love cats” so, if you’re not a feline lover, don’t bother asking her out.

Forget the moon landing, let’s celebrate 50 years since Morris, the biggest feline star ever was discovered.


Some of you kittens out there may not know who this feline stuper star was, but you should. He was a TV star, who became a household name in 1969 by strutting his stuff in the first of 58 commercials for 9Lives.

Morris came from humble beginnings, it’s said he was either surrendered by is owners or rescued  from the streets, either way he ended up in a shelter and when animal trainer and handler Bob Martwick stopped by the shelter  looking for a cat to appear in commercials for 9Lives cat food, Morris won him over. Martwick brought the calm, some would say aloof, stray cat to a meeting with the creative team at the Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago, and Morris made an unforgettable impression.

“He jumped on the table … and he walked right up to the art director, the big cheese, and bumped him in the head. And then Morris just sat back,” Martwick said during his many media interviews about the cat. “The art director said, ‘This is the Clark Gable of cats.'”

The original Morris died in July 1978 at the age of 17, and his obituary in The New York Times noted Morris was “laid to rest near Mr. Martwick’s home,” apparently in a backyard ceremony befitting his unpretentious roots. Martwick died in 2001 at age 75.

All subsequent replacement look-alike Morrises have been rescue cats, and the current Morris can be found on Twitter at @MorrisApproved, on Facebook, and on YouTube with his “Cat’s Eye View” on the 9Lives Cat Food channel, which notes that “America’s choosiest cat gives back” in an effort to “Live Well & Prospurr.”

In 2015, Morris was one of 10 brand mascots alongside the Green Giant, Ronald McDonald, Mr. Clean and others to be honored with “A Salute to Advertising’s Greatest Icons” at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago.

So, all you former shelter kitties take heart, you too could be famous!

Idaho firefighters respond to fire alarm at animal shelter, discover cat triggered it


Well of course I had to share this because we are Idaho kitties . Boise.Idaho firefighters responded to a fire alarm that went off at an animal shelter which turned out to have been called in by a feline.

It was a normal Friday at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise until the fire alarm sounded and a fire truck quickly arrived, KBOI-TV reports.

After it was determined there was no fire, “we started delving into why the alarm had gone off and discovered that the alarm had been triggered in a very unique place… the cat holding room!” staffers wrote on Facebook. “The offender was a female black and white stray cat that was brought in earlier today.”

“This sweet feline had been rolled a bit too close to the fire alarm pull and took advantage of this opportunity to hail for an imminent rescue!” the post said.

“Of course, cats and firefighters have always had a special bond… so she could have been possibly calling for a special someone to bring her home as if she had been stuck in a tree… or perhaps she wanted to bring more attention to her feline friends who are waiting to be adopted into their forever homes.” Way to get noticed kitty!

CATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Snaps of cats show the world is a dancefloor if you have the mew-vs


The photos of these dancing cats are pawsome! Do yourself a favor and head on over there and take a look. And if you think this is strange behavior for a feline – don’t. The Tribe of Five has been known to bust a move now and then!

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