Walk Though The Web Wednesday 7/24

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello There Furiends,
Lots of goings on at our house last night. About 9:00 p.m. The Female Human learned about a weather alert coming our way, high winds (75mph) thunder and lightning storm.


“Make it stoooop!” Oliver

The Tribe is NOT fond of weather like this and since we have so many huge windows in our house we have to find a safe place to hide…..with The Female Human who is more of a scardy cat than we are.



“I’ll get out of the laundry when you make that scary storm stop!” Alberto

It was a loooong night and each feline had their own way of coping. The Female Human is a bit sleep deprived today but all was well at our house but there was much chaos in other areas. The wind did a lot of damage, trees were toppled and lightning struck houses and trees. We checked in on our local feline furiends and everyone was safe and sound inside.

Stay safe my furiends and I hope you enjoy this week’s web wanderings.

Britain’s New P.M.’s first job is to impress the cat


Larry the cat currently holds the official role of chief mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Britain has a new Prime Minister but he has yet to pass his hardest test…approval from Larry, the Chief Mouser.

Larry probably shed few tears when Theresa May left as, although she said she was “very happy to see Larry” she did say she was more of a dog person. There was some controversy as to how David Cameron got along with Larry but Cameron waved a photo of himself with Larry curled up in his lap to prove they were pals,

How will Larry and the new P.M., Boris Johnson get on? Only time will tell.


How to stroke a cat…according to science


Oh my whiskers, why must you humans complicate everything? Now a bunch of scientists have gotten together and studied the correct way to pet cats. First, not all us felines are the same. Second, our humans get to know us and what we like and don’t like. It’s not rocket science people, no matter how hard you try to make it more complicated than it is.

Here is some of what the study discovered. “Although a lot of cats do like being stroked, and in certain contexts will choose us over foodhuman interaction is something they have to learn to enjoy during their comparatively short sensitive period– between two and seven weeks old.

When it comes to human-cat interactions, the characteristics of humans are also important. Our personalities and gender, the regions of the cat’s body we touch and how we generally handle cats, may all play an important role in how the cat responds to our affections.”

If you particularly uneducated about felines, the article even includes signs of cat enjoyment and cat dislike or tension.

Not even cats, the inspiration for Cats, like the trailer for Cats


The trailer for this year’s adaptation of Cats is out but sadly, it appears that when viewed by real felines, those real felines are underwhelmed. A number of humans had their cats view the trailer and then tweeted about their reactions, many with videos.  The pained expression on this feline’s face is pitiful.

Almost every cat that viewed the trailer seems either deeply unimpressed, disdainful, or vocally displeased with what’s put before them.

I can’t help but enjoy the irony of the hubris of you humans, putting a movie together about cats, called Cats and then waiting until it was finished to see if real cats would appreciate it. MOL!

Canadian police mistakenly use cat filter during news conference on double murder


Clearly the Canadian police missed my Walk Through The Web Wednesday feature of June 20th where I reported on the Pakistani politician who gave his entire speech with a cat filter on. So since they didn’t follow my news reporting, the Canadian police have found themselves in the position of apologizing after a cat filter was used during a Facebook live-streaming of a news conference about a double murder, which gave the presiding officer whiskers and ears. Sergeant Janelle Shoihet, from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of British Columbia, blamed “technical difficulties” for the error. “Technical difficulties – MOL!  Humans, ignore my cutting edge news reporting at your own risk!

Why Do Cats Lick You?


I bet our Female Human has wondered about this when one of us drags our scratchy tongue along her hand, face, etc. There are a number of reasons, we lick you to calm you down, to show you affection, and to mark you as our territory. And, if we lick you excessively, we’re probably trying to tell you that you stink!

12 thoughts on “Walk Though The Web Wednesday 7/24

  1. Oh meow is me – you had worse weather than we did on Tuesday afternoon!!!! In less than an hour, 2.4 inches of rain were dumped on us, we had sustained winds over 30 mph AND the thunder/lightening seemed like it was directly overhead!!! No actual warning, but the chickens were brought into the catio very quickly – not the pool toys, which blew over the back fence. The most amazing thing was that our jumbo beach ball mysteriously returned today… Who knew where it came from!?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Purrseidon,
      Our Female Human does not know how you survive that weather. She is such a wimp that two of the main criteria for her move to our neck of the woods here were 1) few or no snakes and 2) no tornadoes, hurricanes or devestating weather. What a scardy cat she is!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alberto, dear furiend, you can purrtect her from snakes by giving them the whacky paw – they dislike this, so will avoid you… You should also do a quick sideways move as to administer the whacky paw because some cranky snakes retaliate. BTW, our house was built to endure 150 mile an hour winds and we have impact-resistent windows, which make it fun to watch the power of nature.
        Purrs & head bonks back at you,

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We’re glad you all are okay. When we adopted Ellie, we found that her favorite place to be pet is to be scratched between her shoulder blades. I’ve tried it with Bear – and it seems to calm him down. Bear’s favorite spot has always been above his tail and I didn’t know cats liked that until him. Poor Kitty. I was a stupid human and didn’t even know how to pet my cat right!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The problem is though, every cat seems to have a different petting zone. Tucker likes a head rub (flattens his ears so he looks like Yoda), Jasmine likes a light rub on the neck, Lily prefers ear scratches and Oliver and I like being picked up and hugged. Try and pick Lily up and you’d better have your first aid kit handy!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

      Liked by 1 person

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