Not Walkin’-Chillin’

Hello There Furiends,

We sent our Purrsonal Assistant to the Cat Writers Conference #cwa25 and as I write this she’s somewhere between Idaho and St. Louis, MO. Since we are without staff at the moment (regular blogging staff, of course arrangements were made for our meals to be prepared, liter boxes to be cleaned and snacks to be served on schedule), I will not be doing my regular Wednesday post today. But, stay tuned, I’ll have all sorts of things to report about the conference . In the meantime, I’m doing what cats do best, relaxing!

12 thoughts on “Not Walkin’-Chillin’

    • She got in at midnight (sure glad I didn’t have to travel with her)..she was tired and cranky while The Tribe of Five enjoyed excellent service from our temporary lackey….err chef and litter cleaner.
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


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