Walk Through the Web Wednesday 5/09


Hello My Furiends,
Alberto here with my weekly web wanderings. I hope you enjoy this week’s stories.
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Siamese cat with blue eyes


Vintage Photos of Pampered Cats – National Geographic


If you think cat photos are a new phenomenon, think again. We felines have been admired and photographed for many years. One well known photographer, Willard Culver spent months in the abodes of some of the countries most wealthy folks, staging photos of their fabulous felines. The photos were featured in the November 1938 issue of National Geographic. I must say, we felines haven’t lost our beauty over the years. No wonder you humans are so fascinated with us!


Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails? – Gizmodo


Now, I don’t know if I would describe cats as “wagging their tails”, that’s more of a canine activity. I would prefer if the article would have been titled, “Why Do Cats Swish Their Tails Elegantly?”. But I digress.  I must give a two paws up to Gizmodo who sought out a number of cat specialists to answer this question. The short answer, our tails are our emotional barometers. If you want more specifics you definitely want to read the article.


7 Apps All Cat Owners Should Have – Bustle


Our Male and Female Humans are real geeks and often that benefits The Tribe of Five. When Oliver and I were kittens we had our own iPad to play kitty games with. But there are more uses for technology than just playing. There are first aid apps for felines, 11Pets that remind humans when they need to give their felines in residence medication and other important cat reminders, a cat clicker training app and of course, fun apps for kitties to play with (if you humans have your faces in your phones, maybe the felines should get a little phone time too!)

Dogs and Cats and Decorating – The NY Times


The Female Human is all about aesthetics (she even relegated our cat tree to the downstairs TV room) so she was thrilled when I showed her this article. I was less thrilled because of all the good advice and lovely photos there was no photo with a cat in it. So I had my purrsonal assistant do some further research and she found an excellent article from HGTV that was solely dedicated to felines (Purrfect Design Ideas Your Cat Will Love). This is also where the photo came from. So decorate away humans but remember, cat hair is a fashion assessory!

Seven Ways to TurnYour Partner Into A Cat Person – Bustle


This is a subject that The Female Human knows about! As soon as she and the Male Human got married she made sure he knew how much she wanted a cat. One day he finally looked at her and said, “Okay, we can get a cat but you have to clean the litter box!” She wrote all about this in her story, “All My Children Wear Fur Coats” in Chicken Soup for the Soul, My Very Good, Very Bad Cat.” (I was surprised that you could get this book at Chewy.com!

There are some good tips if you are looking for ways to convince the folks who share your home that a feline is a good idea such as showing them how to interact with felines (maybe take them to a cat cafe), teach them things cats like and do not like (and remember, cats are different. I love water, the other cats in the Tribe, not so much). So start studying and get that feline into your home (and remember, adopt, don’t shop!)





13 thoughts on “Walk Through the Web Wednesday 5/09

  1. dood…..theeze R sum grate storeez two day; we flashed bak inta time and hada look see at de ole time fotoz….they iz all total lee awesum N numberz 8 had an… a dish a nul “bonuz” 😉
    happee week oh end two all ☺☺♥♥

    Liked by 2 people

    • You guys are right, #8 did have the bonus! I’m thinking that the goldfish bowl was there just for that pampered feline. Purrhaps we all need to start campaigning for our own elegant fish bowls (after all, we have staff to take care of them).
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

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  2. Mom says she now wants a copy of the 1938 Natnl Geographic! I like how you say “swish our tails.” That does sound so much better and a more appropriate article title! You found some really COOL stories, Alberto!

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  3. oooh thanks, Alberto, for sharing these pawsome finds on the interwebs. Our pawrents are tech geeks too and so the apps for cats caught our eyes! We like Cat Fishing, but will check out Jitterbug, Clicker training and paint for cats.
    Our cat daddy had no choice to join the clan of the cats, would you believe it, he was the one who adopted us all! have a purrsome day! xx from Mr. Jack and the Chirpies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Purrs and Head Bonks to you both, our Male Human has turned into such a pushover. He won’t even let the Female Human pick out soft food for us because he says she doesn’t know what we like. We’ve trained those two so well.

      Liked by 1 person

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