#AToZChallenge F

Hi All,
Tucker here.. Today’s letter is “F” for “FURRY AND FEATHERED WOODLAND FURIENDS”. We live in a rural area and there are many creatures that come to our house. The Female Human feeds most of them (not the skunks or the bears though).All these critters are very polite and go home after they’ve been fed (they can’t burrow under the house as we are built into a hill with lots of concrete.). All that is except the pesky woodpecker we wrote about recently.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos of the view we have at our house. The Humans refer to it as “kitty cable”. The Female Human told me to tell you that although there is only one bear photo included (look at the lazy thing, laying on the railing and eating the bird seed) we had not one, not two but 3 bears at our house! And also, the bird feeder is no longer on the downstairs deck!

Welcome to our very own purrsonal wild kingdom!
Purrs & Head Bonks,







black and white cat looking at butterfly



begging squirreldeer in front garden in the snowblack and white cat watching deer

15 thoughts on “#AToZChallenge F

  1. Wow what an amazing place you live in I don’t think I would like the bears coming to the window I would be so scared. It’s like a wonderful winter wonderland full of wildlife.x

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