Wade Through The Web Wednesday-Hurricane Edition 8/30/17

Siamese cat in life vestHello Folks,
Alberto here. As my regular readers know,  Wednesdays are normally my “Walk Through the Web Wednesday” posts where I purrruse the web and bring you the newest and finest feline articles.  This week is a bit different. In light of the suffering of humans and their furry, feathered and otherwise friends due to Hurricane Harvey. I put on my new life jacket in solidarity with all my friends and I sure wish each one of them had a life vest like mine. My humans are giving to several great human relief organizations as well as hurricane aid for pets. Please do what  you can for the folks affected by this terrible disaster and please keep them all in your prayers.
Stay Safe My Friends,
Siamese cat with blue eyes

wet orange tabby cat saved during Hurricane HarbeyResidents & Rescuers Help Pets – LoveMeow.com

Many organizations are coming to the rescue of lost pets.  SPCA of Texas  and Austin Pets Alive! are only a few who are locating, saving and attempting to reunite animals with their families. Over the weekend Austin Pets Alive! saved over 235 animals from Harvey’s direct path.



hands reaching to save dog during Hurricane HarbeyCalling All Veterinary Professionals – Today’s Veterinary Technician

Two Paws up to Pam Johnson Bennet who first reported this news. The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is calling on all veterinary professionals who are able to come and help with Hurricane Harvey relief.  The board is issuing a Temporary Emergency License to out-of-state veterinary professionals who volunteer to help with the relief efforts. . The licenses are being offered free of charge.  Here is a link to the form.




orange cat rescued after hurricaneHelp for the Animals of Hurricane Harvey – Best Friends 

We love the folks at Best Friends.  You may know about their amazing animal sanctuary but did you know they are a one stop information place about pets affected by Hurricane Harvey? They send teams to help rescue pets and much more.  They are partnering with VetsPlusMore to help reunite people with their pets.  They maintain an ongoing Disaster Fund for Emergency Assistance for Animals caught in the middle of disasters. Donations to this fund are used exclusively to support lifesaving work wherever and whenever a catastrophe occurs.  Best Friends maintains a wish list  on Amazon for those working to rescue animals due to the Hurricane so that you can purchase the things that they need in this effort.

For breaking news on pet rescue after Hurricane Harvey, follow their Facebook page and, if you want tips for disaster preparedness, they have that too!

golden labs rescued during Hurricane HarveyHurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Needs & Offers – Facebook Group

We all know social media is an excellent source for new and fast information. This Facebook group is dedicated strictly to animal rescue due to the hurricane.  Two paws up for the fast acting humans who created this page!


cats caught in a floodAnother Way You Can Help-Foster a Displaced Pet – Mental Floss

The ultimate goal for all displaced pets is to return them to their families. This will take some time and there will be a need for humans to offer to take pets into their homes until the families of these pets are located.   911 Foster Pets has a detailed list of shelters and rescue organizations who are looking for foster help.


6 thoughts on “Wade Through The Web Wednesday-Hurricane Edition 8/30/17

  1. I can’t imagine having to make the choice between shelter and one’s furbabies. I heard about that the last couple years in Oklahoma. The public tornado shelters refused to allow people’s pets – so people either had to leave them outside or stay with them and forgo shelter. I can’t even imagine it with a longer-term shelter situation (weeks or months). Imagine how many furbabies are being separated from their people – I’d be devastated – even more than losing all my possessions.

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    • Couldn’t agree more. There are some great stories coming out of Texas though. My concern is getting fur kids reunited with their families and Best Friends is working hard on that aspect, and arranging foster care so animals aren’t shipped off without an attempt to get them back with their humans. It makes me cry to see what people and their furry family members are going through.

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  2. Hi guys, this devastation is beyond heartbreaking, but it’s just mind-blowing how many peeps are helping, we’ve seen so many miraculous stories in our FB feed this week of horse rescues, kitty rescues, K9 rescues, cattle rescues etc… thank goodness fur all those tremendous peeps putting themselves on the line to save all the stranded anipals.

    There is hope fur the wurld yet…


    Basil & Co xox

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    • Hey Basil & Co,
      We couldn’t agree more. These humans are really stepping up. I have a new news piece about how they planned ahead for this and are getting former shelter pets in the area to new no-kill shelters in order to make room for the rescued pets from Harvey and that allows them time to find they pet’s families. Two paws up for all these humans!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


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