Oliver Gets Purrrlitical 

Hello Friends,

Oliver here. I’m working hard to get my purresidential platform out but it’s a hard job for a kitten. I’ve asked for help from my fellow Feline Tribe of Five members but have been greatly disappointed in their lack of enthusiasm or support.

My brother, Alberto is going through a philosophical phase. Not sure what he’s talking about but pretty sure I can’t count on him.

Jasmine won’t support any campaign that doesn’t include making her queen of something.

Lily thought about helping me but her demands are a bit much. I’ve spent more time catering to her whims than working on my campaign!

Tucker, the elder statesman Alpha of our tribe gave it a try but I don’t think he understands the demographics of my constituents and his methods for obtaining votes is a bit suspect.

Dear friends, I am begging for your help. My platform is in place, and the other animals in this race lack the passion and purrrlitical savvy I possess.
I’m a kitten with a dream. Who will join me? I’m looking for a running mate and cabinet members. Send me your photos and the reason I should pick you and I’ll let the public decide. Post on Twitter, my Facebook page or this blog and let’s get some cool cats in office!
Your humble purrrlitical candidate,


21 thoughts on “Oliver Gets Purrrlitical 

  1. Hi there, Oliver! So sorry that your fellow Feline Tribe of Five members aren’t doing their part. I think that Olive would make a great running mate for you. How cute would that be — Oliver and Olive! And it’s all about the cute, right?


    • Hey Bear,
      If Olive and I manage to win this election, we’ll be looking to find some furry friends to fill some purrrlitical positions in the Kitty Cat Party. How would you like to be ambassador to CATalina?
      Your Friend and cat-idate,


    • Thank you Jodi,
      It’s been an uphill battle for my running mate and I but we won’t stop until the Kitty Kat Party has its day at the canine/feline bark/meow off debate.
      Your Friend and purrlitical cat-idate


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