The Human Opines

Hello there furiends,
The Female Human keeps meowing about wanting some time on our blog. I have patiently pointed out to her that the name is FELINE opines and the only appropriate opining on this blog is from FELINES. This has had no effect on her so, with sincere apologies, I must announce that there will be periodic meowing from said human. Sigh.
Your Pal,

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It’s Important to Say Goodbye

3 thoughts on “The Human Opines

    • Oh My Whiskers!
      Thanks for the heads up. Evidently our Purrsonal Assistant edited something in the post and forgot to republish it. Sigh, it’s so hard to find good help these days!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


  1. Well, she has been distracted lately! And hurting. Purrhaps, until you all grow thumbs, you should be nice and show her that you understand, and give her some extra love.

    We wish our assistant would write nice stories about us like yours does about you! She is even older than yours and tired all the time. She does make sure all the litter boxes are clean and that we have fresh food and water but mostly she just sits around and we sit on her.

    And we are having a new bathroom upstairs, an ancient Roman style marble spa, and a whole lot of other projects, too. The noise and banging is horrible. Lady Charlotte is “stone deaf” so it doesn’t bother her but Linnet hides behind the piano and only comes out if our assistant is in the room., and Chaucer who is a big, chonky, manly cat just lays around hogging all the pets because the noisy work people all love cats. They even go pet Lady Charlotte when they come downstairs so she is loved up too! We hope that, after all the work is done , our humans will think everything is purrfect and never do this again.

    We Love you all,
    Purrs and head bonks
    Lady Charlotte, Linnet, and Chaucer


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