International Cat Lady Day 4/19

Hello there furiends,
As we sent our purrsonal assistant around the web to find some uplifting feline news items she came back to us saying it was a bad news week for felines. As we, the Board of Feline Opines, decided long ago, we will only present news that is educational, informative, amusing, heartwarming and downright silly we are going to forgo our Wednesday news feature and instead, celebrate all those pawsome Cat Ladies out there.

Most of us don’t live with your old school, stereotypical cat lady and some of us live with cat daddies to so on this #International Cat Lady Day, celebrate the human who lives in your house and give them some purr therapy or a few extra head bonks.

Here’s to our Cat Lady, we love her, even when she embarrasses us on Halloween!

“Seriously Human, you’re going to answer the door like that!”

And here’s to all the wonderful Cat Ladies and Cat Daddies out there. We’d love to hear about the humans you share your house so meow about it in the comments!

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