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Hello Furiends,
The Human asked us to express her thanks for all your kind wishes. She is getting better and we are quite relieved to have the level of service at our house beginning to return to normal. Now, let’s get to the most important part of the business of today and that’s announcing our book winners! We have so many wonderful furiends that we told The Human we wanted to send a book to everyone who purrticipated. The Human started meowing about how we can’t afford to do that, as much as she’d like to and we told her it was only little green pieces of paper, she was not swayed or amused. So, here goes….

Brian from Brian’s Home Blog
Christine Carroll
Teddy from One Spoiled Cat

Concatulations to you all. Please send our Purrsonal Assistant an email with your mailing address to FelineOpines@gmail.com and she will get the books out to you right away.
And thank you to everyone who purrticipated!

And now, on to the news stories.

Utah couple buys new house, get the seller’s cat, too

If any of you humans are in real estate, you might want to play attention to this new house contract concept.

Most people will ask for money, appliances, or fixtures during the seller concession phase of buying a home but this home sale concession was based on a relationship-with a cat in residence.

Tori Taillac, and her fiancé, Alex Kravets, fell in love with, as Tori describes him, “the grumpiest-looking but sweetest cat I have ever met.”  And Loki the cat, who originally wasn’t part of the sale become the thing that sweetened the deal.

After making an offer that the seller accepted, it was hard for Taillac to focus on the walk through because she was spending so much time with Loki.

 “I made a joke when he mentioned that he was going to leave us an air purifier. I said, ‘You can leave us a cat, too. I love your cat.’”

The owner’s ears perked up because he said he’d been worried about moving his young cat Loki to a smaller home after the cat was used to having more space. He felt that Loki would be happier staying in this house and continuing his inside, outside life.

On the seller’s counter offer to he couple, he dropped the price down, but said that he’d include the cat and the air purifiers.  ”

The couple’s realtor, Crystal Richardson of Chapman Richards and Associates of Salt Lake City, said she has never had a cat listed as part of a real estate addendum before.

“I’ve been doing this for 34 years,” Richardson told Fox News Digital. “I’ve had people ask for a lot of strange things — but never a cat.”

Loki is already making friends with the couple’s seven-year-old dog, Marcus — an active half Shiba-half mini Australian shepherd. 

As is usual in social media, there were a lot of negative comments about the cat being given up, especially on TikTok.

Since The Human is a cat behaviorist, we asked her what she thought and she said that sometimes, the best decision is the hardest. Loki’s human was worried about how Loki would transition to a new, smaller inside life and, when he saw how much this couple loved Loki, he felt this would be the right thing for the cat. And from what she saw on Instagram and TikTok, she could see that Loki is very happy in his old house with his new family.   

How Cinnamon the Cat went from feral feline to therapy cat at Collierville Animal Services

Cinnamon, a formal feral cat has been working for the Collierville Animal Services for 15 years. Meowza, that’s a long time! Her life began as a feral, living in the shelter parking lot and today, she’s the beloved chief of cat socialization at the shelter.

Nina Wingfield ,the Director of Collierville Animal Services. said, Cinnamon was trapped and spayed in 2007 and she eventually found a place in Wingfield’s office. 

“She’s like our therapy cat,” Animal Care Technician and Animal Control Officer Sandy Kraemer said. “She takes care of all our young kittens that we get in. She corrects them. She makes them behave themselves.”

Cinnamon is also the shelter’s best interrogator for new staff interviews and will let the powers that be know if they get a paws up or paws down.

Cinnamon’s services extend to staff morale as well. When staff is having a bad day, they come in the office, sit on the couch and Cinnamon will crawl in their lap and offer some purr therapy.

Ever since Cinnamon was brought inside the shelter, she’s never had any desire to leave and continues to thrive as a very important member of the team.  

An Exhibition of Cat Art Worthy of a Meowseum

Cats have descended upon Maspeth, Queens, where Mrs. gallery is featuring the work of 39 artists focused on a single theme: furry felines. Cats have been an art historical focus for thousands of years, and the gallery’s latest exhibition, titled Even a Cat Can Look at the Queen, celebrates this.

From Cait Porter’s loving rendering of a fuzzy tabby’s paw to a Philip Hinge chair sculpture made out of scratching posts, the exhibition includes works by longtime artists of Mrs.’s program as well as some who have never before shown with the gallery.

Almost all of the works are by living artists, with a few exceptions, including an Andy Warhol print that presents perhaps the exhibition’s most straightforward depiction of a cat. A painting by Renate Druks — movie star, director, and avid painter of cats — titled “Male Cat Club” (1980).

Other works in the show are decidedly more modern, such as Sophie Vallance’s “Tiger Diner” (2022), which features the checkerboard pattern and rounded aesthetic that has become popularized on social media over the last few years. But like Druks, Vallance places cats in a surprising setting; namely, sitting in a diner.

The exhibit will be at the Mrs. Museum, 60 – 40 56th Drive in Maspeth, NY until January 7th.

England players adopt stray Qatar cat after World Cup exit

England’s hopes of lifting the World Cup might have been dashed but Manchester City duo Kyle Walker and John Stones did not want to leave Qatar completely empty handed . They will return home with a stray cat that cat befriended by the team at their training base.

The cat, who Stones named Dave, will have to spend four months in quarantine before he can be reunited with the City duo.

“He was just there one day, so we’ve just adopted him, me and Stonesy,” Walker told the Football Association’s official media channel.

“First day we got there … Dave pops out,” Stones added. “Every night he sat there waiting for his food.”

 It looks like Dave made the right choice and we look forward to hearing about his new life in the UK after his quarantine is over.

Cat Loves Riding Around London With Her Dad

This is an update on Travis Nelson, an American living in London and his cat Sigrid. I had reported that due to visa issues the human and his feline and a lot of free time so they explored the city via bicycle.  “Since Sigrid was already accustomed to going for walks on a lead, there was no transition needed at all.

Now their journeys have been turned into a book and, If you visit their Instagram page, you can see videos that make you feel as though you’re on the bike with them. Also, Oliver was quite excited to see that Sigrid has the same red bandana halter he has!

10 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday -on Thursday- 12/15

  1. What good news about your huMom – and great cat stories ! We had read about Dave from Cat-ar, and we love the work therapy animals do…but the cat that came with the house was a nice story too. Too often people move and just leave the animal(s) there, here the owner was thinking carefully about Loki. In effect, after the split, Loki got to keep the house !


  2. Congratulations on the winners and I love the house buyer that got the cat too. That’s purrfect.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the kitties and my best to mom. ♥


  3. That’s great news that your human is feeling better! Yay!

    Congratulations to those lucky winners! Speaking of winners, those people go a new house AND a new kitty. And Loki got to stay in his house! 🙂


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