18 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday – June 15

  1. Ooh, your human took some seriously nice photos with her iPhone 13, Alberto! They totally capture your handsomeness!

    The story about Sidney’s acting skills made us smile. And we want to know when the USPS is getting some cool cat stamps, too. Headbonks!

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  2. Outstanding photos, kitties! And good stories. I’ve seen some nice cat stamps from the USPS in the past. These British ones are really appealing, I love how’d they capture cats in motion!

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  3. It’s difficult to get good photos of the cat that’s laying atop your body!
    I’ll have to try to portrait setting, the next time Sweetie uses me as her cat beddy.
    A neighbor adopted a very small cat, and he wonders if it’s a particular breed of cat that stays kitten-sized; I’ll give him your link, and he can read the information in your post today.

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