Walking Thursday and Announcing Wednesday

I interrupt this blog for an important announcement

Happy Wednesday Furiends!
Our usual Wednesday feature has been moved to Thursday due to circumstances beyond our control. Our Purrsonal Assistant and General Lackey…er…Beloved Human has been a bit busy and overwhelmed. She’s running a bit behind and has requested a time extension from Feline Management to move my regular news feature to tomorrow.

Being the soft-hearted and considerate felines we are, we granted this request on the condition that she have something we can contribute to the blog today. Fortunately she had a bit of news. Her story, “Miss P. Saves Christmas” is being published in a new holiday compilation called, The Cat In The Christmas Tree that will come out mid-October of this year.

Now we were a bit miffed that this story was about a family feline we never met as Miss. P. crossed the Rainbow Bridge before we were born but she was featured in our book, Are There Head Bonks in Heaven? Miss P. is on the bottom right..

Here is a Christmas photo of Miss P. who, we are told, was quite a character.

Well folks, that’s the news for today and tomorrow I’ll be back with my regular feline filled news features.

10 thoughts on “Walking Thursday and Announcing Wednesday

  1. Congrats on being ‘published’! Those look like great books!

    One of our cats was a Christmas tree climber, too…he ruined one in the process, LOL!

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